Natalia Decides to Dance

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By: northgate

She hears music playing nearby and decides that it would be fun to dance with you. She takes you and using a band ties you into her long flowing red hair so you are dangling down from one of her long locks draped across her breast. You are so tiny and her hair hides you effectively so you doubt anyone will see you there.

Natalia giggles as she inspects her work with you hanging helplessly in her hair and goes into the adjoining room where there are several girls practicing their dances.. One group is spinning and whirling around while another group is nearby undulating in seductive belly dances. Natalia immediately joins in with the girls spinning and whirling. Her hair with you in it goes flying around in every direction. This is worse than any amusement park ride you've ever been on as the girls continue to sing and dance wildly. You try to get a look at the other girls dancing but everything is a blur.

You feel your binds loosening from all of the action and you hold on for fear that if you got loose you'd go flying to a certain death. This goes on for what seems like an eternity and you yell to Natalia but she doesn't hear you. Finally you come loose and all that is keeping you from flying off is that you are hanging on to her hair with your arms and legs and praying the dance will end soon. She just keeps continuing and you are losing strands of her hair one by one. Suddenly, you no longer have enough to hold and you go flying loose ending up ....

Your choices:

  1. down her top and get wedged between her breasts
  2. Land safely on the floor where the belly dancers are practicing

Retrieved September 13, 2016