Natalia Uses You Again

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By: northgate

Natalia giggles at you as she lowers you back down to her nether regions between her fingers. You watch as she spreads her moist lips in anticipation of you tiny body. She rubs your body across her outer lips and tells you, "This time you are going all the way in to massage and kiss my love canal." You struggle knowing your fate but she to too big and shoves you in. Her finger pushes you deep inside before withdrawing them and leaving you in the hot, wet darkness. "Maybe you are so small you'll get lost in there. That would be most unfortunate.... for you", she giggles.

You know she won't let you out until at least she is satisfied so you go to work massaging her the best you can although in the back of your mind you realize no one else knows you are inside her and she can keep you there forever. As the wetness and her shaking from your effect intensifies, you realize you need to get out and struggle to escape.

You try to go the way you think is out but it is too slippery now and she is positioned so it is uphill for you which is impossible and instead you slid backward until you reach another passage and you are able to steady yourself. You see her finger protrude into the canal ahead of you a probe around but you are beyond it's reach. "Get back to work, bug", she roars at you.

You resume from where you are and she purrs, "Better" as her finger retracts and you are in darkness again as you work to bring her to an orgasm. When she finally climaxes, you are soaks in her juices and barely able to breath from swallowing too much of it, After a few moments her finger returns probing for you. You try to grab it but it is out of your reach. "Does my little lover want to come out and cuddle?" she asks as she tries to find you. Her finger retracts again and you hear her say, "I guess my little sultan likes being inside Natalia. You can stay there for now my little one, safe and sound inside me."

You try desperately to escape clawing at the sides to climb to her finger but you just fall back into a deep puddle of her juices and you choke as you get a mouthful again. "Good night", she says as she rolls on her side and brings her legs together cutting off any chance to escape and trapping you inside her.

Your choices:

  1. The next morning

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