Trapped inside the Redhead

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By: northgate

Joe hangs on to the fabric of the panties for dear life as he moves at tremendous speed toward the redhead's equally red patch of pubic hair. The force of impact knocks Joe loose momentarily but he grasps desperately as he starts to fall. He grabs hands full of hair and he tries to climb to get to anywhere secure.

Meanwhile the redhead high above him feels an unusually sensation and brings her fingers down to adjust her undergarment totally unaware of Joe's attempts to get to safety.

The immense fingertips descend on Joe and he is helpless as her adjustments drive him into the folds of her pussy. He thinks this is safer than being further out and exposed so he goes with the motion. However, her second adjustment drives him in ever further trapping him and causing him to get disoriented. He moves around inside her to survive. Little does he know but he is giving the redhead waves of pleasure from his struggles. His hiding place is becoming increasingly moist and the smell is overwhelming but she has shifted her position several times and he no longer know which way is out in the darkness.

He continues to try and find a way out as her movements and wetness continue to increase. Finally he gives up and lies still inside her. However his rest is short lived as light comes into this prison followed by two fingers that probe and snatch him up. The fresh air rushes by him as he is lifted up between her delicate fingertips until he sees her billboard sized face smiling in front of him and his body wet from his sweat and her fluids is dropped in the center of her palm.

"My, my, a tiny sultan in my nether region. I wonder how that happened", she says aloud.

You are not far from her ear and this private room she is in is quiet. "Quickly, you must take me back to the lamp on the floor in the main harem chamber", you order her sternly.

She giggles at you, "I don't think so little one. Perhaps you would like to go back inside me and pleasure me again."

You ...

Your choices:

  1. say "Yes" so you'll get on her good side and she'll help you later.
  2. tell her, "No way!"

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