The Harem Returns

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By: northgate

Suddenly there is a huge vibration like an earthquake and a moment later Joe realized that is happening. The girls are returning. Huge bare feet and satin slippers are everywhere and Joe dives back into the panties to take cover in the folds. He'll just have to wait them out and then try to resume getting the lamp to work and summon Jasmine.

Unknown to Joe the redhead girl from earlier is looking for her panties, the very panties he is hiding in. She spots them and quickly grabs them up and slips them back on. She is a bit relieved that the sultan didn't take them with him.

When the redhead grabbed the panties, Joe hung on hoping not to be thrown across the room. He was successful but he was horrified a moment later when he saw where he was headed. As she finished putting them on, he held on tight and braced for impact as he slammed into her ...

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Retrieved September 13, 2016