Nice Hot Bath

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By: northgate

She says, "I like my baths nice and hot... just like my little man". She giggles at her own silly joke and sets you down on the ledge of the top as she adjusts the water. She then adds some bath oils and strips off her remaining clothes towering over you in her naked glory. As she stepped into the can't keep from staring especially at her pussy with it's neatly trimmed little patch of hair just above it.

"Enjoying the view?", she says as she settles in the tub, "Why don't you join me for a closer view" Her hand comes up and gives you a shove and you and fall in the water by her legs. The water is very hot but it feels good after all of your adventures. You recover and swim up toward her body. As you swim over her leg, she lifts it up putting her ankle on the edge of the tub and you are lifted out of the water on top of her leg. "You can walk or swim to me", she tells you.

Her leg is too slippery so you end up slowly crawling along it down the slight incline toward her waist which is just a little under water. You get there and are able to stand as she watches you maneuver to position yourself. She smiles and brings her hand up grabbing you and bringing you to the top of her breast which is out of the water and she sets you on top. "You're a frisky little guy", she says as she touch the tip of your erect penis with her fingertip. "How about some kisses?", she asks as she touches her nipple clarifying what she wants. You don't hesitate and go to town humping her breast while kissing her nipple. She lets out a soft moan. "That feels so nice.", she tells you and after a few moments switches you to the other breast.

Once she is satisfied, she lowers herself deeper into the water and playfully knocks you off into the water between her breasts. You can still stand but the water is chest high. She says, "How about a hug for the little lover boy?" and she squeezes you between her breasts cutting of your air as she soaks in the feeling. When she releases you drop in the water coughing and get nothing but water as you go under. She sees your plight and lifts you back on her breast allowing you to recover. "We're not done tiny", she says as she takes you and a bar of soap and covers you in a mass of suds causing you to close your eyes and mouth to avoid the soap. "You're going to help me wash my breasts.", she says as she glides you around her chest covering herself in your soap suds. When she is done, she dunks you in the soapy water to wash you off and you come up sputtering and gasping for breath. "I guess I'm too rough for my little toy", she purrs as she places you on the side of the tub as she finishing washing her body.

When she is done she steps out of the tub and pulls the drain to release the water leaving you shivering on the cold side of the tub. She dries off and puts on a robe before coming back for you. She carefully dries you off and carries you back to the bedroom where she sets you down on the night stand while she changes into fresh clothes.

"Now I need to go out tonight", she tells you, "So I'm going to ...."

Your choices:

  1. lock you up so you don't escape
  2. let you rest on my bed because I trust you.

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