Lorelei Gives Mouth to Mouth

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By: northgate

"Yes, I think mouth to mouth to exactly what you need", Lorilei says as she lifts you off the desktop and lies you into the palm of her hand. You try to yell out but her lips come down on you and cover your face as she give small puffs of her hot breath over your face. You try to struggle but her hand closes into a fist making you helpless to her. She shift her hand upright and switches to a new tactic. She brings you close to her mouth again and the tip of her tongue plays with your head.

"I'm sorry", you shout at her, "Please put me down."

She giggles at you and says, "We're not done yet." and she pressed her fist against her open lips thrusting your head in her mouth. Her hot breath washes over you each time she exhales as her tongue totally assaults your head until you are soaked in her saliva. Her lips close in and she slowly sucks you into her mouth sucking on you like an all day sucker. "Ymmmmm", she lets out as she continues sucking on your body.

You close your eyes and try to hold your breath as she continues on until she finally pushes you back out and into her fist. You look up and see her lick her lips. She smiles at you and says, "You're yummy. I bet you'd be even better if I dipped you in honey first. I bet you'd taste good in lots of things. Well, we'll have to try that another day. Right now, It looks like you are a mess and need a nice bath to clean off. Let take care of you right now."

She cares you off to ....

Your choices:

  1. give you a bath in the sink
  2. give you a bath in the tub with her.

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