Lorilei Tickles You For Punishment

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By: northgate

Lorilei tells you she's going to punish you for trying to sneak a peak by tickling you. She takes you to a desk and drops you in a tall tumbler that unfortunately for you is opaque and blocks you view as she changes into shorts and a t-shirt. She comes back to the desk and tips the tumbler slowly so you come spilling out on the the desktop. You try to stand but she knocks you over with her fingertip and hold you down by pressing her finger on your chest while her other hand tries tickling your side with the edge of her fingernail but it doesn't work. She tries the soles of your feet but that fails too.

She sits back and looks at you still lying in place and smiles. "I know how to tickle you", she exclaimed and takes a small feather from her desk drawer. "This should do the trick", she tells you as she pins you down again and starts to run the feather across the soles of your feet. You feel the feather and ...

Your choices:

  1. begin to laugh uncontrolably
  2. it has no effect on you

Retrieved September 13, 2016