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By: superfan

"I can't help it," you mutter to yourself: "I've got to see that unveiled toosh!"

So, you shimmy down the lamp cord. Mindlessly obsessed with making it to your new captor's bathroom, so you can see her body in its nude entirety.

But, while you are successful in your descent, the reverse is not true for making across her shag carpet before she comes back, practically all dried off! That is; except for the area of her waist that the towel's been wrapped around.

"Was my little man being a bad boy, and trying to sneak a peek at me in the shower?" she asks (giggling at your mournfully disappointed expression).

When you simply nod in reply, she says: "Well, I'll tell you what I'm going to do. I'm going to punish you by..."

Your choices:

  1. "...sitting on you!"
  2. "...tickling you all over your body!"

Retrieved September 13, 2016