"Lorilei says "You wish!"

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By: northgate

Lorilei says "You Wish!" and immediately realized the irony of her joke and her scowl turns to a smile as she laughs at her own joke. "Pretty funny, huh?", she asks you.

"Yeah hilarious", you respond, "Meanwhile, I'm still the one the size of an action figure."

She reaches down and picks you up between her fingers and holds you in front of her face. "But you're so frickin' adorable at this size", she says holding you up to her face to examine you. "You are so cute I want to keep you with me all the time.", she coos at you. "Paris Hilton may have a little dog in her purse but I'll have a little man in mine."

You don't like the sound of where she is going but before you can protest she lowers you down between her breasts and loosens her hold. You grab the strap that is between the two halves of her bikini top to steady yourself but she loosens her grip more and you find yourself hanging by your arms from the bikini top between her breasts. You struggle to get up but you can't make it.

She smiles down and says, "My little man likes my boobs. If you are good and behave , I may let you play with them one day. Her fingertip reaches down and strokes your ass and you can't hold anymore. As you release your grip, you bounce off her stomach and land in her lap between her legs that she has crossed Indian style. She snatches you back up and says, "Looks like you want to get a lot more than my boobs too. You're a little horny one." She stands up and goes over to dresser and sets you down among some perfume bottles. "Now you be good and stay while I shower and change and then we can play more."

She leaves the room and you look around as you are high above the floor when you notice a lamp witha cord that extends the floor and you get an idea. Do you.....

Your choices:

  1. Sat put to see what happens next
  2. Make it down the lamp cord

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