sit tight till she gets home.

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By: superfan

When you next see daylight, the giantess is seated on a couch that looks more like a horizontal skyscraper. She has taken off the sweatsuit she needed to wear while driving home. So, once again, she is wearing nothing but a not-so-teeny-weeny yellow bikini.

"Well, let's get started with introductions, shall we?" she rhetorically asks: "My name is Lorelai. What's yours?"

So, you tell her. In addition, you expand on the earlier summary you gave her of the source of your predicament. And, to your indignation, she laughingly sides with the genie's actions!

"You wouldn't find it so funny if our positions were reversed!" you yell up at her.

In response to which, she scowls and replies:

Your choices:

  1. "You wish!"
  2. "You've got a big mouth for such a little dude. You looking to be punished?"

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