Get Her Attention At Her Feet

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By: northgate

You work your way along her body and note her gorgeous smooth tanned skin. You get to her bare feet and assume that this sensitive spot will be a good place to get her attention. You try using your fingertips to massage the sole of her foot. At first you think this isn't working but she moves her foot suddenly and her big toe catches you and sends you flying into the sand face first a few feet away. You feel like you were rammed by a bull running full speed but you check yourself and realize you are ok. You roll over on your back to get up and you see that you idea worked.

Rising up in front of you is a massive girl in a bikini. She is probably in her mid twenties and has long hair that is a vibrant brown almost with a shade of auburn. She has bright green eyes that spot you immediately. She has to at least 15 times your size and you try to stand to get some distance between the two fo you. She smiles and you and reaches out for you. Before you can move, she scoops you up and you fall onto your back in the palm of her hand. She lifts you to her face and you try to move but her thumb moves in and pins you down.

"Why aren't you the cutest little thing", she says as she moves her thumb it is replaced by the long slender index finger of her opposite hand that moves in and gently stokes your body. "where did you come from, little one", she asks as she continues playing with you..

"I'm a person just like you and I was shrunken by an evil genie." She giggles at your response, "An evil genie, huh? Maybe it was a good genie and you deserved to by shrunk down. It doesn't matter cause your all mine now, cutie". She opens a side zipper compartment in her bag and drops you in and zipping it shut. "You hear her say, "Now I'm taking you home so we can play together in private."

She gathers her things and a moment later you feel the bag get lifted in the air as she carries it home. You struggle in the pock but at this angle you find you can reach the zipper. Do you ....

Your choices:

  1. sit tight till she gets home.
  2. try jumping and and escaping now

Retrieved September 13, 2016