Wish to Go Back in Time.

Go back

By: northgate

"As you wish master", the genie tells you, "This is your final wish so I hope you've chosen wisely".

She blinks and there is a puff of smoke and bright light and you wonder what she meant by that. As the smoke clears and your eyes adjust to the bright light. You see that you are on a beach with the waves crashing in the distance. Off to the right in the distance you see a large metal structure that looks old and discarded lying half buried in the sand. You think this must be some old industrial storage tank of some kind that fell off a ship and washed ashore years ago. You decide to ignore it and keep walking although you don't see anything but sand all around.

You keep walking for an hour and start to feel thirsty. You can't quite remember where you are or how you got here. :"Was I drinking last night", you thought as you keep walking when you see something in the distance that isn't sand. You keep walking toward it and as you approach you realize it's a girl in a bikini lying on a towel on the beach. You also realize she is gigantic and you must be no more than the size of a large bug to her. You suddenly remember the genie and your three wishes. She sent you back in time as you wished but she didn't restore your size. This normal sized beach is a giant desert to you and you are going to die if you don't get help.

As you approach this girl, she is alone and lying on her stomach. You want to yell at her to get her attention but she has ear buds in and listening to music. You think you have two courses of action. You can try to get her attention by climbing up in her or you can climb up in the side pocket of her beach bag and get a lift back to civilization.

You decide to....

Your choices:

  1. go up to her face and try and get her attention
  2. climb in the bag and wait.

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