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By: superfan

"Oooooooh!" Abree squeals with pleasure: "I just love tricks. Show me!"

You ask her to put you down by the side of the "oil" lamp. She does so, whereupon you begin to rub it, while chanting.

"Hocus-pocus! Abree cadabree!"

Your captor giggles at the punning tribute, as you continue: "Genie of the Lamp, now APPEAR!"

With a near-deafening "poof," accompanied by a blinding puff of smoke, Jasmine is back.

"About time, shortstuff!" she bluntly says without preamble: "You ready to make that third wish, now?"

"Yes!" you shout, as quickly as possible: "I wish..."

Your choices:

  1. "...to be giant-size compared to my shrunken harem!"
  2. "...to go back in time to when I first found the lamp...and ignore it!"

Retrieved September 13, 2016