Abree Returns

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By: northgate

The lid of the box opens and you see Abree smiling down at you. "Dalla told me that she put you in here for safe keeping but why should you stay locked away all day when you can play with me,", she tells you as she carefully picks you up between her finger tips. She brings you up to her face and gives you a big kiss where her lips envelope your whole body and her hot breath washes over you.

"I brought something for us to try out", she says as her free hand lifts a gold chain from her chest and she shows you a small gold wire ornament on the end, She positions you in the center of this ornament and squeezes it together and it locks your naked body in place like a harness. She slowly lowers you down until you are hanging free between the valley of her massive breasts.

"Oooo, it worked perfectly and you are so cute down there. I just want to hug you.", she gushes as she squeezes her breasts together with her arms encasing you in her hot flesh and no fresh air. When she releases you you are close to passing out coughing and trying to catch your breath.

"My poor little toy sultan, I guess my breasts are just too much for you now.", she giggled, "I know what you need." She walks out into the harem with you still dangling from her neck and pours herself a goblet of wine, but instead of drinking it so lowers you into it and says, "I drink will make you feel better" but the chain and harness weigh you down and you are submerged in the wine making matters worse.and you cough more. "You poor little thing, I guess that was too much wine for you",

She holds you in her palm and gentle strokes you to let you recover. You look over to the table next to where she is sitting and you see the genie's magic lamp. "Someone must have found it on the floor and put it there", you think, "Now I just need to get to it". "Abree", you yell up, "Let me show up a trick I learned to thak you for taking care of me."

She looks down at you in the palm of her hand and thinks for a moment and ....

Your choices:

  1. she takes you off the chain and sets you down next to the lamp
  2. She closes her hand into a fist trapping you inside and says, "I don't think so"

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