Abree Finds You

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By: northgate

You look up over your shoulder and Abree's shadow fall over you. Her hot naked body is fantastic and you hesitate for a moment and any opportunity you had is lost as she bents down and snags you between her fingertips and raises you to eye level. "My my", she tells Dalla, "I found her bad little runaway". She carries you back to the bed and dumps you between them and their naked bodies tower over you.

Dalla looks down at you and says, "We offer to protect and take care of you and you betray us by trying to run away. You are a bad little bug and we need to punish you. Maybe we should find the must evil mean girl in the harem and let her have you. Then you'll realize how lucky you are to be with us."

Abree's finger descends on you and pins you to the bed and you know that her single finger could easily crush you. "We need to find a suitable punishment for our little friend here. Maybe I can press a little more and see what breaks"

Dalla smiles and says, "I'm still hot and wet inside. How about he send him in so I can get that same treatment you got. He can do a good job on me or perhaps I'll take him out to the garden and see how he fares against some real bugs."

"No, no", you cry you to them as soon as Abree releases her finger from you, "I will be good, I promise." You drop to your knees in front of Dalla, "I will do anything but please don't put me back in there."

They both laugh at your begging and Dalla lays back and shows you her massive pussy like a gaping entrance to a cave. You stare at it both amazed and scared out of your life. Abree's finger snatch you up again and she moves you rapidly toward Dalla's womanhood. She holds you close to it and the smell is overwhelming. She strokes it with her free hand while also rubbing your face and body in her wetness. "Oh, I hope you don't drown in there. She gets sooooo wet."

She plunges you deep inside Dalla and you are immediately hit with the smell, the darkness and the wetness that is everywhere. You try to orient yourself but every movement gets this girl off. If you try to stay still she rolls around in the bed and you find yourself flailing around to not drown inside her which results in her getting off again. She is insatiable and continues this cycle over and over without giving you a break. You hear her tell Abree, "He's wonderful in there. I want to have him all night. Would you think badly of me for being selfish in wanting to be alone and enjoying this little morsel."

Abree is a little disappointed but relents, "No. It's alright. I'm tired and needs some rest so I'll leave you and we can meet up at breakfast."

Abree dresses and leaves and you are alone with Dalla who continues to get off from feeling you trying to survive inside her. She lies back and turns down the light as if she is going to bed but continues to enjoy you. She finds that it only takes slight motions to affect you and cause you to move around. This goes on for what seems like forever until she finally stops and you realize she most be sleeping. You know this is your best chance for escape and slowly work your way to the outside. After sometime you realize your exit is blocked as feel asleep on her side with her legs together. You settle in for the night and hope you have enough air to survive inside her.

You are awaken by her voice commanding you to come out. You hear her say, "Time to come out little man unless you want to stay in for the day". She has her legs spread wide and you can easily climb. She pinches you between her fingers and takes you to a bowl of water and drops you in. "You're a mess", she giggles as she watches you in the water. It is probably no more than three or four inches deep but it is far too deep for you to stand. "I am going to the baths to get ready for my day. This wash bowl looks like too much for you so I don't think the baths would be a good place for you."

She dries you off with the corner of a small cloth and carries you across the room. "This is where I keep my most valuable possessions and now that you are one of them too, you can stay here." You look down and see her unlatch a small jewelry box with a few trinkets and baubles inside and she drops you in with them. "Bye bye and be good", she tells you as she closes the lid trapping you inside in darkness.

You sit there waiting and worrying about your future for what seems like forever when you hear a noise and the lid of the box is lifted and it is ...

Your choices:

  1. Abree
  2. Dalla

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