Joe attempts an Escape

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By: northgate

Joe lies in the bottom of a wine glass trapped as Abree and Dalla make out near by. This continues for sometime until luck turns your way and Abree unknowingly knocks some things over on the nearby table including the glass you are trapped in. It falls to its side and you are able to easily climb out. The girls continue playing you you know this may be your only opportunity to escape. You are incredibly tiny but anywhere is probably better then staying with these two girls. You are able to climb down the table to the floor while the girls are still occupied playing. Once you get to the floor you need to make the long journey out of this room and you know you probably won't have enough time so you work your way out of the room hiding under the sparse furniture.

You are making good progress when you hear Dalla exclaim that you are gone and the two girls start to look around the room frantically while blaming each other for your escape. You continue forward thinking that for once your small size is a benefit. They continue to look but fortunately not near you or your route out. They don't think to block the doorway so when you get there it is a clear path out. The only problem is when you get out the door you have no advantage of cover and no plan of where to go.

You scurry down the hall but before you get to far you a dark shadow falls over you and you turn to see ....

Your choices:

  1. Abree looking down at you
  2. A slave girl who was cleaning spots you

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