Joe Plays with Abree and Dalla

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By: northgate

Abree thinks for a moment and decides your fate. "Let's let the little sultan join in on our fun", she tells Dalla who agrees. Joe watches stunned as the two girls strip down to nothing putting on a show for him. They both look fantastic naked. Dalla lays back on the bed and Joe's show is interrupted when Abree grabs him between her fingertips and deposits him on her friend's bared nipple.

She brings her face right up to Joe's tiny form as he struggles to hold on. She smiles at him and blows softly across Joe and Dalla's nipple and it hardens from the simulation giving Joe a bit more to hang on to. "Kiss it", he hears Dalla murmur from above and he immediately goes to action kissing her nipple over and over. She shakes from the stimulation but Joe hold on when he hears Abree say, "She means me, tiny".

Before Joe can react he is assaulted by Abree's tongue licking him and his perch over and over until he falls off tumbling into the valley between her breasts. Abree giggles at Joe and sets him back astride the nipple while she goes to work on the other side. Dalla is moving around a lot more vigorously from the stimulation to both nipples at the same time. However what Joe doesn't see is Abree's free hand working on Dalla down below.

Suddenly Dalla plucks Joe from her breast and they flip positions with Abree on the bottom while Dalla plays with her. She drops Joe in the valley between Abree's breasts and she playfully squeezes them together encasing Joe in between two massive walls of hot flesh. He can't breathe but fortunately she doesn't hold it too long and Joe gets air before he passes out. He barely has time to recover when Dalla picks him up and carries him to Abree's hot nether region which is wet from all the play. Dalla tells him, "You need to find her special spot and make her climax", she tells you, "You better succeed if you know what is good for you" as she plunges him in Abree's pussy.

Fortunately Joe knows something plus luck is on his side as you grabs a large swollen spot inside her and rub and kiss it. He found the jackpot as Abree shakes wildly at his touch. Over and over he keeps up the treatment until giant fingers fish him out and he finds himself in Abree's palm. "good job, little one. I think we have found a suitable use for you." She hold you up to Dalla who is also smiling at you. Dalla takes you and drops you in a large wine goblet and then returns to her lover to finish the job.

Your choices:

  1. Joe attempts an escape while they are busy
  2. Joe hangs out till the next morning

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