Joe is Captured by Abree and Dalla

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By: northgate

Joe gets his bearings and looks up to see two beautiful but massive harem girls smiling down at him. The still topless girl blows gently on to him and Joe covers himself to shield himself from her breath. The girl giggles at his reaction, "Ohh, he's so helpless"

"It looks like our evil sultan has finally received his just rewards and been reduced down to size", says her friend who literally holds his life in the palm of her hand.

"Now look here...", Joe starts to tell them but she closes her hand into a fist and cuts him off in mid-sentence and both girls laugh together.

"Do you think we should share this with your sisters in the harem?", Joe hears the topless girl ask from within the confines of her friend's fist.

"No, he wouldn't last a day with all those girls. I think we need to keep him our little secret.", her friend replies, "Let take him someplace a bit more private to continue this" and they both move to more private quarters leaving the lamp and Joe's chance to get restored behind.

When Joe is finally released, he finds himself on the floor between the two girls who are sitting on the floor facing each other and towering over him. Joe looks up at the girls and they are still smiling back so he thinks that it may be a good sign.

The blond speaks first, "First let's have some introductions in case you don't remember us. I'm Dalla and this is Abree and as long as you are little you will stay with us and do everything we tell you. This is for your own good. If you were to keep wandering around out there in the harem you wouldn't have make it till nightfall."

Joe tries to respond but the dark haired girl continues, "As long as you behave we'll all get along just fine but I advise you not to test our patience."

Finally Joe gets a word in edgewise with these two girls, "I need you girls to help me to restore my size and I will reward you.", he tell them.

Abree look annoyed and extends her barefoot toward Joe who starts to run but she spreads her toes and grabs him up between her first and second toe squeezing him. She crosses her leg over the other leaving him trapped between her toes and in the air. "Now, let's try this again. We tell you what to do and you do it. We are not going to help you get big. We like you tiny and helpless."

The smell of her foot isn't pleasent but the pressure from her toes squeezing him is far worse. Dalla brings her face close to Joe and blows lightly on him. Her breath is sweet but her proximity makes him even more uncomfortable.

Dalla blows over and over and Abree laughs shaking her foot and you with it until he is shaken loose and start to fall toward the floor below. Joe expects to fell the impact of the crash to the hard floor below but instead he lands softly in Dalla's awaiting palm. She brings him up to her mouth and makes a face like she is going to kiss him. Joe wants to run but there is nowhere to go as she gets closer to him. At the last second, her tongue darts out and and licks his entire body head to toe. "Ummm, he is yummy", she says as she closes her fist securing you from escape. "What should we do with him nexr?", she asks her friend.

Abree thinks for a moment and responds ...

Your choices:

  1. Let's play a game with him.
  2. Let's see how good he is at playing with us.

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