A Taste of Honey

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By: northgate

Joe is hanging on for dear life less than an inch tall and stuck to a topless harem girl's nipple but trouble is just starting as her friend comes around the table brings her face right up to Joe's tiny body. Her hot breath washes over him as he is helpless before her. Her tongue comes out and gives the breast Joe is perched on a quick lick covering him in her saliva. This lick is followed by another and another. The play escalates and her lips are clamped over the first girls nipple and her tongue is assailing him nonstop.

Her saliva and suction of her sucking on the nipple causes him to break loose of the honey and tumble on to her awaiting tongue. She pulls him in and closes her mouth swishing his tiny body around in her saliva using her tongue to continue to play with him. Joe struggles but it is hopeless as long as she holds him captive in her mouth. Then without warning, she ...

Your choices:

  1. swallows him whole
  2. spits him out onto her awaiting palm.

Retrieved September 13, 2016