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By: northgate

You don't want to go back to Debbie and her birdcage and using you as a sex toy for her amusement and you don't want to risk Stacey taking you to some unknown place so you tell her you will stay with her. She smiles down at you and says, "Good, let's tell Debbie right now so she doesn't wonder what happened to you. You just play along and follow my lead and it will be fine." Stacey takes you up in her fist and carries you back to Debbie's room and knocks on the door.

Debbie answers groggily, "What do you want? I'm sleeping."

Stacey answers, "I found a friend of your in my bedroom. I really little friend."

You hear noise of the other side and Debbie opens the door looking half asleep and half annoyed. "Give him to me.", Debbie orders her sister, "He's mine."

"Not so fast", Stacey replies, "He's your ex and you don't own him unless you can show me a receipt. He came to me and asked me to help him. He wants to stay with me no on. Probably because of the way you were treating him." She hold you up and says, ":Tell her."

You look up at Debbie and know you better play your part or she may get you back and there will be hell to pay for this. "Debbie, I wanted to be your boyfriend not your sex toy. Stacey offered to help me so this is good bye between us." Debbie looks a little upset by your statement but it was her choices that lead to this.

"See sis, he's with me now and you better not cause any trouble because I still know what you and Lindsey did last summer and I can still tell mom.", Stacey says as she turn and leaves to go back to her room. You wonder what little secret she hold over her sister but your glad that she has some leverage to keep Debbie at bay.

However as soon as you get back into Stacey's room, you start to think you made a grave mistake. She opens a locked drawer in her desk and starts taking things out. "What are you doing?", you ask.

She continues moving things and says, "I'm emptying this drawer out to give you a place to stay. You'll be safe from my sister or in case my mother comes in here." She picks you up and drops you in the drawer which still has a few remaining items.

"Wait a minute. let's talk about this.", you say trying to talk to her before she closes the drawer but it is useless as she slids it shut and you hear a key turn locking you in.

"Now you be a good boy and go to sleep and we'll talk in the morning.", she tells you before walking away. You lay there in the drawer along without a blanket or pillow and wonder what kind of mistake you made. Maybe Debbie was a bit crazy with her birdcage and using you like a human dildo but maybe she would have come around in time. Now you're locked in a drawer and you have no idea what her sister Stacey might have in mind.

The next morning you are awaken by Stacy who unlocks and opens the drawer and gives you a medicine cup half full with orange juice and some egg and toast on a little plate on her desk top. "See I bet that's better than what Debbie was giving you", she tells you as you start to eat. "Now I have been think, you can say with me and I'll provide you a place to stay, food and protection but what am I getting? I thought about it last night and I figure you 'll owe my about $100 a month for all of that which is pretty fair considering prices these days."

"What a minute", you respond, "I don't have money and I can't work like this. Where do you expect me to get money to pay you?"

"Don't worry", she replies smiling down at you, "I have an idea. You're a pretty unique guy and I bet there are lot s of things you'd be good at doing. I have a lot of girlfriends and I could rent out your services to pay for your rent and maybe make you some extra money. I'll be your agent but of course I get a cut of the money for that too, say 20%? Now you just rest up and don't worry. I'll take care of everything." She waits till you finish your breakfast and drops you back in the drawer and locks you up again.

You sit in your new prison now sure that you made a bad mistake and Stacey goes off for her day. You stew all day in the dark drawer but when she returns late in the afternoon she brings some more food and you are hungry so you hold your tongue. As you are eating she says, "Guess what? I found you your first job. You are going to ....

Your choices:

  1. jump out of a cake at my friend's sister's bachelorette party
  2. watch my firend's kid sister while we watch an R rated movie tonight

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