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By: northgate

Stacey thinks over what you tell her and says, "Oh in that case, I think I will give you a choice. You can either stay here with me voluntarily. We will tell Debbie that we both want to be together and there will be nothing she can do about it. If you really want to escape I'll get you out of the house but it will be on my terms. That's your choice. So what do you think?"

You try to think tout the alternatives although it is difficult with Stacey hanging right in front of you. You always though Debbie's sister was a hot little number but back then she was in high school and your girlfriend's sister so you pushed the thoughts away. Now here she is with her gigantic nipples showing through her thin t-shirt right in front of you and you are tempted to take her offer. You look up at her face and her tongue comes out a bit and licks her sexy lips and you almost lose it right there. Then again you've seen in her action when you dated Debbie. She was bossy and sarcastic and you could be worse off with her than you were with Debbie.

On the other hand you wanted to escape this house and she is willing to help you but "on her terms". That was the phrase she used which makes you a bit nervous. What did she mean by that? You want to ask her but you already know you'll gotten all the information that she is willing to share. You know it will be more complicated than her opening the front door and escorting you out of the house. Maybe her plan is to take you somewhere like a women locker room or bathroom to let you go so she watch the trouble you get in. Maybe to a toy store so some grubby little get their hands on you. That could be really bad.

She interrupts your thoughts. "So I don't have all night. What will it be?"

You think a moment more and say ...

Your choices:

  1. "I'll stay with you."
  2. "I want out of the house"

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