Debbie's Punishment

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By: northgate

The next morning Debbie wakes up and remembers what she did to you last night, She rushes over to her desk and takes you down from the board she tacked you up on and lays you down on the desk still hogtied. She removes your gag.. "Are you going to run away from me again?", she asks you sternly.

"No, I'm sorry. That was stupid of me. Please give me another chance", you beg her.

"Maybe", she tells you, "but I'm still not sure about trusting you and you'll still be my little slave." She thinks for a minute and says, "Tell you what. I'll give you a job to do today when I go out and if you do good, I'll give you a second chance. Otherwise, I'll give you double the punishment. Sound good?"

You're not sure what choice you really have. You guess you could refuse and just take the punishment but that won't do much to advance your cause with her. "Yes, I'll do anything.""OK after I get dressed and eat breakfast, I need to go out to class and you're going to stay her and polish my dress shoes.", she tells you, "but for now you need a little more time to think about how bad you've been to me."

You watch as she opens a desk drawer and sweeps you off the desk and into the drawer filled with her assorted junk. "Great, I'm just another one of her toys", you think as she closes the drawer leaving you still hog tied and in darkness.

After what seems a long time to you she returns and actually unties you and gives you some of her breakfast to eat along with a tiny cup full of water. "You're going to need your strength to clean and polish my shoes.", she tells you.

After you finish eating, she takes you to the bathroom and there in the tub are four pairs of scuffed up heels along with rags cut down to a manageable size and a bowl with water and various polish. She puts you ion the tub with the shoes and supplies and says, "There you are all set. I'll be back in six hours and I expect you to do a good job.... or else. I know you can do this to make me happy. You just need to apply some muscle. Now have fun", she says as she pulls the shower curtain closed and leaves for the day,

You look around and see the tub is too high to escape so you get to work cleaning the shoes. You see that she left a small battery operated alarm clock on the side off the tub so you know how mush time you have left. You work the whole time scrubbing away and exhausting yourself hoping to win her favor back.

After a little more than six hours she comes back and comes immediately to the bathroom and pulls the curtain back and examines your work. She is ...

Your choices:

  1. pleased with your job
  2. not happy with you

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