Stacey Takes You To Debbie

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By: northgate

Stacey thinks the situation over for a moment and tells you, "I think I better take you back to Debbie. I'm sure she would be worried if you disappear." as she closes her fist around you.

"No, please don't do that. She will punish me for running away", you appeal to her.

"That's what I 'm counting on". she replies as she stands and carries you down the hall back to Debbie's room. She knocks on the door and goes in to find a sleepy Debbie who is still out of it. "Hey Debbie, I found some tiny friend of yours who was trying to hightail it to the front door. You want him back now or should I keep him for you until the morning?"

Debbie sits up and says, "Let me have him" and Stacey drops you into her awaiting open palms which quickly turns into a quick fist which she hold up. "Were you really trying to leave me and don't lie to me either."

You aren't sure what to say so you just wing it. "I was just going for a walk around the house. I couldn't sleep and I needed some exercise."

"Wrong answer", she says as she squeezes you in her fist, "Do I look like an idiot? And I don't appreciate you lying to me either." She looks up at her sister, Thanks Stacey but I think I need to handle it on eon one."

Stacey figured she should leave but before leaving she asks, "Can I get some time with him? I bet he's fun to play with."

Debbie looks back at you, "Well maybe you can have some time with him but right now I need to disciple him so I talk to you later." Stacey leaves wondering if she should have just kept you for herself but that's water under the bridge and she leaves.

Debbie gives you another squeeze. "Running out on me and then lying about it. It looks like you don't deserve to be my little bitty boyfriend. In fact I don't even think you will be my pet. I think the only job you deserve in slave. Maybe after a few years of serving me I may upgrade you to pet. But first I need to take care of business. You need to be taught a lesson, slave."

She takes you to her desk and take out a roll of dental floss that she uses to hog tie you and leave a long length that she uses to dangle you. "Not quite as comfy as my bed." You try to beg her but she puts a piece of tape over your mouth. She takes the string a twirls it watching you spin in pain. Finally she tacks the string to her wall over her desk leaving you hanging helplessly. "Good now you'll be quiet and won't wander off until I figure out what to do with you.", she tells you before she goes back to sleep leaving you there for the night.

Your choices:

  1. The next morning with Debbie

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