Escape Debbie's Bedroom

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By: northgate

Debbie is asleep and you realize this is your chance to escape you crazy ex-girlfriend and get out of here. You don't think twice about it and you climb down the bed sheet to the floor and take off running. Fortunately, the door is ajar and you slip out. "Too easy", you think and then you see the hall and remember you are on the second floor and have to go down stairs. You make your way down on the hall and start the long dangerous trip down the stairs one at a time. You have to lower yourself off the step and hang by the carpet threads and then jump to the next step to minimize the drop.

You are about halfway down the steps when you hear noise coming from the kitchen and you realize you aren't alone. Going back up is not an option so you start to speed your descent but then you see Debbie's sister, Stacey turn the corner and head right for the stairs. You freeze not sure what to do since you are only four steps from the bottom and you decide to huddle in the corner of the step against the wall. You start to move but it is to late as Stacey sees movement on the steps and moves in to investigate.

She sees you are a tiny person and her fingers descend on you. She pokes at you and you kick out to defend yourself but she responds by pinching your ankles and lifting you up to eye level. "Well, this is interesting. If it isn't my sister's ex only four inches high and creeping around my house. I wonder how this came to be?", she asks outloud.

You start to explain but she cuts you off. "Save it, shrimp.", she says, "Let's go to my room and you can tell me all about it."

She carries you upstairs to her room and takes you inside and locks the door. You remember she was going to be a freshman at the local university. She was pretty cute but a few years younger than you and your girlfriend's sister. You remmeber her being pretty sarcastic when you would come over to see Debbie.

She sits down in bed cross-legged wearing shorts and a t-shirt and she resumes dangling you in front of her face. "Now tell me all about it, shrimpy", she tells you.

"Do you mind putting me down first", you ask, "It's hard to talk upside down".

She sighs, "What a wuss" and she lowers you into her palm, "Now you better make this good. What are you doing in my house."

"I was with Debbie. Her friend Lindsey found me and gave me to her. She has been keeping me in her bedroom."

"And why are you so small?"

You know she won't believe the genie story so you say, "I volunteered for one of those university studies for some kind of medication. After I left the study this happened to me and then Lindsey found me."

"So why didn't you go back to the uiversity to get fixed?", she asks and I hope I can keep this deception together.

"I couldn't. First I don't want to end up like some lab rat and second Lindsey and Debbie didn't give me that option."

"OK", she tells you and you think you are home free, "So why are you sneaking around my house late at night?"

"Oh oh", you think, "There is no way out of this one that she will believe." You look her in the face and say, "I was running away from Debbie. She has been abusing me."

Stacey smiles and says, "Oh in that case .....

Your choices:

  1. let's take you back to Debbie right now."
  2. you can stay with me for a while."

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