On Debbie's Bed

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By: northgate

Debbie had drank most of the bottle and was a bit tipsy by the time the movie ended. She carelessly carries you to her bedroom and drops you at the head of her bed. You watch as she strips down to nothing but a pair of sweat shorts and climbs in bed with you. She positions pillows behind and on both sides of you creating a box canyon. She is positioned on her stomach right in front of you trapping you between the pillows.

She smiles at you and suddenly her hands emerges from under the side pillows and attack you, poking and playing with you. She knocks you down and pins you to the bed. Then her head swoops down and she starts to kiss all over your all over in drunken passion. Her tongue shoots out and starts licking you all over. "Mmmm, you taste good", she slurs out, "I could just eat you up." You get a bit nervous when she starts clicking her teeth together while alternately licking and kissing you.

Eventually, she stops and lays her head down and watches you through heavy eyes while continuing to play with you with her one hand. She finally stops and you notice she has fallen asleep with her hand covering you. You are pretty safe by how she is positioned even if she rolls over. You cuddle up with her fingers and feel safe and comfortable.

Do you ....

Your choices:

  1. Stay put until morning
  2. Get out of here while you still have a chance

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