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By: northgate

You remember how Marie behaved when you first arrived and you don't want to interact with her at all. "Please don't make me do that. I'll do anything else. She is so big compared to me that she may not know her own strength and hurt me.", you tell Lisa.

"Anything else", I like the sound of that she purrs as she picks you up and lands a wet kiss across your face. "Tell you what", she tells you, "I'll tell her that she can see you but she can't play with you because you are too tiny and delicate and can break. That should keep her at bay."

Lisa jumps from the bed excitedly and goes over to her bureau and retrieves a package that she opens in front of you. "I got you something", she tells you as she extracts a doll sized tracksuit. "This should be a pretty good fit. After all I can't let you parade around naked in front of my daughter."

You try on the outfit and it is a pretty close fit. "Thanks Lisa", you tell her and she scoops you up and carries you out to the kitchen where she drops you back into the fish bowl you were in when you first arrived and sets it on the counter as she starts to make dinner.

You watch her but after a few minutes Marie comes in and spies you on the counter. She approaches her mom and says "Can I take the little man to my room to play while you make dinner?" Lisa continues working and says, "No Marie. I don't think that is a good idea. He's very small and he could get hurt easily." Marie eyes you for a moment and you think she somehow knows that it not the real reason her mom is telling her no". She continues again saying, Please mom. I promise to be extra careful with him. Lisa is busy at the moment and says, "Tell you what, kiddo. Here is an extra piece of chicken and a little cup for some water. You can take him to the dining room table and give him his dinner. That would be a big help to me. Just don't take him out of the bowl. I don't want him to get hurt." "OK, Mommy" Marie responds and she lifts the bowl off the counter and carries you to the next room.

As she carries the bowl she clumsily tilts it from side to side sending you crashing into the glass sides before setting you down on the table. She then goes back to get the food and the little plastic medicine cup that that she fills with water and sets then next to the bowl. Next she reaches in and grabs you between her fingers and starts to lift you slowly out of the bowl. Just as you are passing out the top, you yell at her, "Your mom said not to take me out of the bowl".

She smiles and says, "Oh yeah" and releases you sending you crashing down to the hard surface below. "Owww", you yell, "Why did you do that?"

You stand up and again her hand comes in and grabs you. "You don't look like you would break". Her fingers tighten on you as you struggle to get free of her grasp. She lifts you again to just above the mouth of the bowl before releasing again. This time you are ready holding on to her index finger as tight as you can to avoid falling again. "Why are you holding on?", she asks watching you struggle. "You want to come out and play, don't you? Sorry.", she says as she shakes her finger and you fall back into the bowl with a crash again. "Stop it",m you yell, "You're suppose to be feeding me dinner."

Marie responds by picking up the piece of chicken and looking at it., It is a bite to her but a meal for you. She says, "I saw in school and the mommy bird feeds her babies and you aren't much bigger than a baby bird. Maybe I should do the same for you." You watch as she pops the chicken in her mouth and chews it up. Then she leans over the bowl and splits it out nearly missing you in the process. "You were suppose to catch it in our mouth like the baby bird", she pouts, "Now eat it all up or I'll punish you for wasting food."

You are defeated and are hungry and pick up the slop off the glass surface and slowly eat it. She smiles at you through the glass walls. "That's a good boy." She lowers that water cup in and purposely spills some on you. "Whoopsie", she says with a giggle.

After you eat your slop, she asks if you want her to dry you off but you are saved by Lisa who comes in with their dinner just in time. They eat their dinner and talk about their day and Lisa basely pays you notice like you were nothing more than a pet goldfish in the bowl but Marie keeps an eye on you constantly as they eat their dinner.

After dinner Lisa cleans up and Marie comes right back to you glaring at you through the glass wall. "I know my mom is protecting you but someday we're going to play in my room maybe she'll even let me take you to school." You shudder at the thought and she reaches in again this time knocking you down and pinning you down with her index finger on your chest. You push knowing that you are no match but suddenly you succeed pushing her finger aside. "Ohhh, you are strong", she says mockingly as she withdraws her hand.

Her mom calls her into the kitchen for a cookie and you hear Lisa say, "Now share that with our little friend". Marie come back eating the cookie and she sprinkles some of the crumbs down on you. "That's all for you", she tells you, "but if you tell my mom that you wants to play with me, I'll give you half next time."

She leaves to go to her room to change for bed and after a while, Lisa returns for you and carries the b owl back to her room setting it down on her nightstand. She lifts you out and slowly strips you on your clothes dropping them back in the bowl and leaving you naked in her hand.
"Are you ready for some more playtime with me?", she asks you.

You ...

Your choices:

  1. Tell her about how Marie treated you
  2. You say Yes and keep quiet about Marie

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