Lisa Returns at Night

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By: northgate

You take a nap and when you awake you are alone naked in a dark room on a giant bed. You are are a bit unnerved not knowing what is going to happen next. Just then the door opens and a light is flicked on and you see Lisa is back. She comes over to the bed and looks down at you smiling that you stayed as she commanded. She strips down to nothing but her bra and panties and tells you, "Marie is in bed for the night so I'm ready to play with my little toy now"

She slowly removes her bra and you see her perfect breasts overhead and you immediately get stiff which she notices and giggles, "You are so frickin cute". She removes her panties and hold them over you waving them slowly before dropping them on top of you. You are immediately inundated with her smell all around you.

You struggle to get out from the panties but a moment later you feel an earthquake and you know it is Lisa climbing in bed with you. A moment later she lifts the panties away and you see that she is lying on her stomach still towering over you. Her finger comes down and she knocks you on your back and she toys with your stiff member until you feel you want to explode.

Lisa grabs you up by the legs and rolls on her back dangling you helplessly over her mouth. She slowly lowers you down and you see her licking her lips in anticipation. Just short of her mouth her lips part and you feel her warm breath followed by her tongue darting our and licking your face. She lowers your upper torso in her mouth and sucks on you for a moment. She extracts you and says, "You taste yummy. Maybe I should dip you in chocolate sauce and lick you clean." She lowers you down on top of her nipple and says, "You liked looking at my breasts. Now show me how much you like them."

You don't want to disappoint your benefactor so you go to town licking her nipple while tickling her areola with your tiny fingers. She lets you do this for a while and when she is satisfied, she jiggles her chest and you tumble to the valley between her breasts. She takes her arms and pushes her breasts together encasing you in walls of hot flesh.

She releases you and you fall back into the valley of breasts trying to catch your breath. "You are so much fun, I could play with you all night", she gushes as she plucks you from her chest and covers you with kisses. As she holds you in the palm of her hand she says, "I want to keep you all to myself forever and play with you every day and night but Marie keeps asking me about you. I was hoping she would forget about you but she hasn't. She wants to play with you. It's all very innocent but I'm afraid she may hurt you accidentally. Do you mind spending time with her too?"

You think for a moment and tell her....

Your choices:

  1. "Sure she seems like a nice kid"
  2. "No, please don't make me do that. I'll do anything"

Retrieved September 13, 2016