Playtime in the Tub with Lisa

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By: northgate

"I think we should take a nice bath together", she tells you with a smile. She carries into her master bathroom and starts the water running in the tub. The water starts to fill and she turns her attention to you pulling your clothes that Debbie gave you off leaving you naked. "I like you much better like this", Lisa muses as she sets you down in the tub while the hot water already past your ankles. She puts your clothes on a shelf high off the floor. "I don't think you'll be needing these any more" , she says looking down at you.

She leaves the room and you worry how deep this will get before she gets back. You walk to the far end of the tub where the water is the most shallow. Lisa returns with a skimpy short robe on and you look up at her shapely tan legs. She looks down at you helplessly trapped in her tub with the water up to your chest and slowly removed the robe. You see her fabulous body and your jaw drops. She just smiles and steps in the tub. She uses her toe to coax you down to the deep end of the tub and you have to tread water to stay above water. "You don't want me to sit on you now do you?" With that Lisa sits down and stretches out and the water level goes up. You recover from the waves of her sitting down and see you are between her feet.

"What are you doing down there?", she tells you, "Come on up here with me."

You swim up toward her and soon realize that you are just over her crotch and you need to step up on her to get to her belly which is still a little underwater but you are on your hands and knees and above the water. "Come closer", she tells you but when you start climbing across her belly she repositions slightly and you go underwater and struggle to get oriented. She is feeling playful and when she repositions again she comes back lifting you out of the water laying directly on her clean shaven pussy. "Look where you are now, naughty boy", she scolds you playfully.

You scramble to get off but her hand pushes you back down. "I like you there", she tells you. "Kiss me or I'll dunk you", she threatens. You bend down and give her a kiss and see says, "Good boy" and pets you in the back as you kiss her a few more times. Just as submerges her lower half back in the water her hand scoops you up and pulls you toward her breasts. "Now I need you help wash me up.", she tells you as she soaps up her breasts and tells you to scrub them with your hands. You comply not wanting to get dunked again while she washes the rest of herself.

When she is done she stands up and you tumble down into the soapy water. You look up as she towers over you in all her naked glory as she steps out and gets a towel to dry off. She leaves to get dressed while you are left treading water. After a while she comes back and lifts you out of the tub and deposits you next to the sink and gives you a washcloth which is way too big for you to dry off with while she fixes her hair.

"Was that fun?", she asked you as she takes you back to her bedroom and drops you still naked on the bed. She looks down at you and says, "I like you little guy. You're really cute. We can be very good friends as long as you don't cross me. Understand?" You shake your head to the affirmative. "Good, now you stay here until I get back but then again it's not like a naked little man should go wandering off. If you did my daughter or her babysitter might find you and that wouldn't be good, would it?" You say, "I guess not." "Good, I'm glad we understand each other. Now stay put till I get back", she says as she leaves you in the bedroom alone.

You have a good thing going here and decide you better stay put. You relax on the bed and take a nap. You wake up when you hear the bedroom door open and look up to see.

Your choices:

  1. Lisa has returned
  2. Marie's babysitter is snooping around.

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