Agree to be Lisa's Little Lover

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By: northgate

You know you don't have a choice and agree to be this woman's little toy. "That's better", she tells you, "I'm glad to see you are a fast learner. You do well and I'll treat you nice and take care of you. Otherwise, life will not be so pleasant. Now come here"

You walk back toward the bed and she sits on the side of the bed with her feet flat on the ground. You come up right in front of her bare feet which are on each side of you.

"Now I told you I wanted kisses and I don't like waiting. Get on your hands and knees and kiss all of my toes.", she tells you flexing her toes to emphasize her point. You crawl from toe to toe planting a kiss on each one hoping this will not last long but she proves you wrong. "You're not done yet. Now I want you to use your little tongue to lick my little toe clean," You grimace but do as she orders. You aren't happy but as you finish she says, "Now don't miss between my toes and then on to the next one until you get to all of them." You sigh and continue this punishment hoping it will get better. When you finish, she says, "Very nice" and you can only watch in horror as she spreads her first and second toe and picks you up. She falls back on the bed and points her foot straight up with you trap high over the bed between her toes.

"Isn't that fun", she laughs as she rapidly brings her leg down to the bed only to slowly lift it back up. "Girl has to get her exercise any way she can when she is a busy mother." After a few sets her leg comes down and she releases and you fall the rest of the way to the bed. Before you can recover her hand is on you and she pulls you up to her chest and gives you a giant hug. "We are going to have so much fun together.", she says as she brings you close to her mouth and her hot breath washes over you. "So what should we do next? a nice bath or more kissing?"

"How about a bath", you suggest wanting to avoid more foot kisses.

"That's very presumptuous of you", she tells you, "My little toy doesn't make decisions. His big mistress Lisa makes all the decisions and I think we should..."

Your choices:

  1. Give you a hot bath in the sink
  2. Take playtime into the bathtub.

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