Captured by a Mom

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By: northgate

You sit helpless in the darkness not know where or what is going to happen to you. You are annoyed that your plan to get a lift back to Debbie has backfired and your chances to get to her now seem very slim. It feels like hours before the purse that you are trapped in opens again a light shines in temporarily blinding you. You use your hand to shade your eyes and you see the mom peering in at you.

A moment later your world is turned upside down when she tilts the purse spilling the contents onto her kitchen table. You look up and see the mom and daughter scanning the contents of the pocketbook for you. You hear a voice above say, "I really needed to clean out that purse." You start to move and you watch in horror as the little girl spots you and reaches for you grabbing you up in her fingers and squeezing you tight in her fist. "I found him, mommy", she says proudly holding you up.

"Give him to me, Marie", the mom tells her and the daughter dutifully drops you into her mom's open palm. "He is very small and delicate, Marie. You need to be very careful or you could hurt him.", she says as she closes her own fist around you although not as tight. "We need to keep him nice and safe so he doesn't get hurt.", she continues as she carries you over to the kitchen counter and lowers you into a glass drum style fish bowl. You look around and see the sides are curved while the front and back are flat allowing you a view to the outside world. It is at least twice your height and the smooth walls make escape difficult at best.

Marie comes up to the bowl and presses her face against the glass watching you. You back up to the opposite side as she smiles a devious smile at you. She starts to reach in for you and her mm stops her saying, "We need to keep him in there so he won't get hurt. I don't want you to ever take him out of there until you have my permission. OK?"

"Yes, mommy", she says as she retracts her hand but continues to watch you. "Can I feed him now?", she asks her mom.

"Sure", she replies, "Let's see if we can find something that he could eat", as they both leave me to go to the refrigerator and discuss what they think is the best food for a little man. "Too bad we don't have any baby food", you hear the mother say.

A moment later, Marie says, "Maybe he'd like some cheese. He's like a little mouse." and she returns with some string cheese which she pulls out to a long strand and lowers it down to you just over your head. "Do you want something to eat little mouse", Marie giggles as she waves the cheese over your head, "Jump for it", she says and you comply not knowing when you may get a chance to eat again. You jump and she keeps pulling it out of your reach and laughing at you until she finally makes it easier and you grab a big piece and settle down to eat it. Marie keeps the rest and eats it for her snack as she continues to watch you. She leaves for a moment and comes back with a plastic medicine cup of water that she lowers in next to you. She gives you a poke in the stomach before removing her hand and says, "How come you don't giggle like the Pillsbury Dough Boy?"

"Because I'm not made of dough, Marie", you answer as you turn your attention to the cup and see that it is filled to the 1 TBL mark and you remember just how small you are. You have to sit down and lift cup and drink from it like a big bucket.

Marie continues to watch you for a while. She gets a cupcake and eats in front of you and dropped in some crumbs for you to gobble up. "I wish I could take you out and play with you. I'd dress you up nice and have you play with my Barbies", she tells you as that devious smile returns.

Finally her mom comes back over and says, "Marie, I need you to get ready. We have to go to your cousin's birthday party. Now remember you can't tell anyone about the little man. We have to keep him a secret. If people find out about him they may take him away so it has to be our big secret. OK?"

"Yes, mommy", she says as she leaves the room to change and get ready.

"As for you", the mom says as she turns her attention to you, "I need to put you somewhere that you won't be seen.I wouldn't want the neighbors to find out about you", she tells you as she lifts the bowl and carries it back to her bedroom and puts you on a low dresser so you are level with her waist. She takes a thin scarf and covers the bowl. It lets light in but you can't see mush of the outside world.

You are annoyed that the mom has totally ignored you while you get all of her daughter's attention. Maybe you can talk to her when Marie is not around but for now you are trapped in her bedroom until she returns. You lie on the bottom of the hard glass bowl and try to close your eyes and get some sleep.

You are awakened by a noise and realize they are home. It is dark out so you know it has been several hours and you are stiff from lying in the glass bowl. After some more time passes, the mom returns and then goes in her bathroom before emerging and removing the scarf from your prison. You look out and are shocked to see she is wearing a silk robe. You look up and see her firm boobs pushing against the silk and then further up her face looking down at you. "I think it is time we get acquainted", she tells you as she reach in and pulls you out of the fish bowl.

She takes you over to her bed and sits down. She open her palm and examines you lying in her hand. "Hi there, little man. My name is Lisa and I live here with my daughter Marie but I guess you figures all of that out already. What is your name cutie and why are you so small?", she asked.

"My name is Joe and this is magic that did this to me.", you tell her, "I need you to get me back to my girlfriend as soon as possible. The mall is probably closed but I can give you her address."

Her finger came down and stoked your body and she smiled down at you. "Little Joey, You're going to be staying here with us now on. It will be nice to have a man around the house even if he is tinny tiny. Now let's see what you got", she says as she pulls at your tunic and removes it leaving you naked in her palm. She drops the tunic on a side table and runs her finger down the length of your body.

"I'm not a toy to be played with. I'm a real person just smaller." you tell her, "Now will you at least call my girlfriend. I'm sure she would come over a pick me up."

She closes her hand squeezing the breath out of you. "Stop talking about your girlfriend. You're here now and you are going to be my little lover boy from now on. I don't want to get into a relationship while raising my daughter as a single mom but you are the perfect answer to my problem. Now you can start by kissing me and telling me how wonderful I am." She shifted positions sitting up on the bed with her feet up and she deposits you next to her bare feet. "You can start kissing my toes and work your way up. Now go nice and slow and don't miss a spot.

"I am not your slave and I won't kiss you. You aren't my girlfriend", you yell at her from the end of the bed.

Annoyed at you she kicks you and send you flying off the bed to the shag carpet below. You are amazed you aren't hurting to bad. You start to stand up and see her raise out of the bed and tower over you. Her foot kicks you and you fall to your back and you watch as she raised her foot over you and lowers it down so her big toe is just below your head pinning you down. "Let's try again", she says, "Now I can crush you right now and be done with you but Marie would be very unhappy. I suppose I could give you to her to be her toy. There is a chance you might survive playing dolls with her at least for a few days. Now will you change your mind and be my little lover or should I take you to Marie's room now."

Your choices:

  1. Agree to be her little lover
  2. Take your chances in Marie's room

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