Yell to Get Her Attention

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By: northgate

You start screaming at the top of your lungs to avoid being taken home in a shoe box by this girl. It only takes a minute and you see the lid of the box lifted off and two faces staring down at you. One belongs to the girl who gave you a ride on her sneaker and the other is a tall blond around thirty years old. The store clerk reaches in a plucks you out of the box and puts you down on a shelf behind the counter and turns away to continue with ringing up the other girl's order. "So sorry for that", she tells her as she continues to ring up the sale like nothing happened. The other girls keeps looking over to you on the shelf trying to comprehend what just happened. "Cash or charge?" asks the store clerk.

"Charge", says the girl as she breaks from staring at you and gets her credit card out and pays for the boots.

After the girl leaves the store clerk turns back at you and brings her face right in front of you. "So now, what's your story"

You tell her that you were cursed and shrank and that your girlfriend works in the mall and you are trying to get back to her and that you need her help. "I need you to get me to Debbie before the mall closes", you tell the clerk but she just smiles and you see her take a tall refillable water bottle from the shelf below you. You see it's transparent and tinted orange and has a flip cap on the lid to drink from. She unscrews the cap and you start to get a bad felling about this. There is nowhere to run and you are helpless as she reaches over and grabs you in her other hand. She tilts the bottle and drops you in. You slide to the bottom and try yelling at her but she just smiles and screws the lid back on flipping the spout up so you can have some air.

She carries the bottle in the back room and holds it up to her face. "Now you sit tight tiny and I'll be back for you after I close the store", she tells you as she places the bottle on a small desk that is wedged in between shelves in the back room. She goes back to work and you realize you are screwed as by the next chance you have to talk to her will be after the mall closes and too late to get to Debbie.

After several hours she comes back to the desk and gets you. She opens the bottle and spills you out into her palm. He thumb moves over and pins you down against her palm. "Sorry but the malls closed so it's too late to look for your girlfriend", she tells you, "so I guess you'll have to come home with me. We can get something to eat and figure this whole thing out,"

You try to speak but she just drops you back in the bottle and screws the top back on followed by throwing it into her over-sized purse plunging you into darkness.

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  1. The Shoe Salesgirl Takes You Home

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