Back on Your Own

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By: northgate

She thinks for a moment and says, "I can't get involved in your problems and puts you back on the floor. She takes her daughter's hand and pulls her away.

You watch them leave the store and realize this detour has put you half way back in the store and you have a journey just to get out of the front. You move stealthily along the edge of displays to stay out of random feet that pass you as well as keeping you out of sight. All goes well and you make it to the front of the store. You look out at the crowds of people walking back and forth and wonder how you could ever make it to Victoria's Secret. You can travel along the wall but you'll be relatively out in the open and you'll need to cross the entrances of every store you pass which will be extra dangerous. You remember that the shortest route will be to the left and then you'll need to cross over to the other side and that will mean having to traverse the food court which will be a wide open space.

Just then you see a girl stop in front of you and look in the toy store for a moment and you get an idea. You can jump onto her sneaker and get a ride in the direction you need to go. You realize this is your best chance and jump on holding on top te laces and hoping you don't get thrown off. She doesn't notice you and starts walking again. You hold on and it is quite a ride as her feet stomp forward and it feels like each step will send you flying through the air.

Your plan is working great as she continues to walk in the right direction and she crosses the food court and you feel a bit of a thrill that for once things are working out. It is just then that you noticed that she is walking into one of the store and you can't get off until she stops. She walks about 2/3 of the way into the back of the store when she finally stops and you see she has walked you into a show store and she is browsing at boots on the shelf. You know she'll see you if you stay on her sneaker so you quickly jump off and run to safety until a nearby chair.

You watch as she sits down right above you and drops three shoe boxes in front of the chair. Next she kicks off her sneakers and pushes them under the chair right by you and you know your hiding place is compromised. You look top escape but notice there are boxes on all three sides of the chair and your only way out is straight ahead where this girl is trying on boots. You continue to watch as she tries each pair on. She is up to the last pair and you know you need to get out of there. She stands to walk with this last pair of boots and you start to run out from under the chair.

You see her turn and walk back toward you looking down at the boots as she walks and you know she is going to see you. You need somewhere to hide until she leaves. Right next to you is one of the boot she already tried on lying on it's side and you dive in hoping for some temporary cover. She sits back down right over you and you try to stay as still as possible to not attract attention.

Suddenly your hiding place is moving and you fall to the bottom of the boot as she picks it up and you pray she isn't going to put it on. She says to herself, "I need to get something for this weekend and you are the best in my budget" as she puts the boot back in the box with its pair and closes the lid.

You panic as you know you are trapped as she puts her sneakers back on and carries the box to the register to pay for the boots and you think that she'll take you home and you'll never get t Debbie. You decide to ...

Your choices:

  1. Yell as loud as you canto get her attention
  2. Stay quiet and wait for your moment

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