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By: northgate

The little girl carries you in her fist back to her mom. Her mother squatting down busy looking through the bottom of a rack of doll accessories searching for something specific. The little girl says, "Mommy, would you buy me this doll?" The mother doesn't even look up intently trying to find something. "No honey, put it back", she says, "You already have too many dolls." The little girl hold you up to the mom who still isn't looking and whines, "Nooooo, this one is special. He walks and talks."

She finally gets her mother's attention who looks up and sees you. "What do you have there? Did you take that out of the box? I told you you can't do that unless we pay for it."

"No, I didn't", the girl insists, "I found him running out of a dollhouse.

"What ?!?", the mother replies holding out her hand, "Let me see that doll." The girl drops you into her mother palm who looks you over as you catch your breathe.

"Help me", you manage to get out as you look up at her mother and stare into her crystal blue eyes. "I'm a person, not a doll", she say huffing and puffing, "I need to get back to my girlfriend."

The mother continues to stare at you while she stands back up to her full height. "You're a person not a doll?!?", she repeats back confused by what she is seeing. "Why are you so tiny and how did you get to be in a dollhouse in a toy store", she manages to get out.

"It's complicated", you tell her. "Can you just take me to Victoria Secrets? My girlfriend works there and she'll help me."

She thinks for a moment while still starting at you and decides...

Your choices:

  1. She doesn't want to get involved
  2. She smiles and drops you in her purse.

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