Captured by a Little Girl

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By: northgate

You are being held so tightly in her fist you can barely breathe much less yell out at her as she looks at you. This girl is probably about seven years old and fascinated by the little man that she just found trying to run out of a dollhouse. She looks at you and says, "I've never seen a little doll that can run. Are you some kind of new toy?" You want to answer her but you can't speak with how tightly you are being squeezed. She opens her hand for a moment and you fall back into her palm as she continues to look at you.

"Please help me. I need to get back to my girlfriend. She works at the mall,", you are able to get out but your voice surprises her and she she closes her fist again cutting off your voice.

"Ohhhh, you talk too", she exclaims, "I've never seen a toy like you. What's your name?" She doesn't realize she's squeezing you too tight and you can't respond. After a minute of waiting for your response she ...

Your choices:

  1. takes you to her mom
  2. drops you in a shopping bag that she is carrying

Retrieved September 13, 2016