Someone Spots You

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By: northgate

You get to the edge of the table and hesitate for a moment as you see the minimal carpet below that is all that will cushion your fall. However, your hesitation causes a much bigger problem as someone comes up from behind the dollhouse and stops directly in your path.

Their shadow falls over you and you know you are in trouble. You start to retreat back to the cover of the dollhouse but it's too late as you've been spotted. You make it about half way when a hand comes down behind you and fingers close around you and you are lifted in the air and up to your new captor's face. You squirm to get loose but it is no use as she has you trapped firmly in her fist.

She rotates you to get a better look at the front of you and you see you've been captured by ..

Your choices:

  1. a cute girl in her twenties that never outgrew her fascination with dolls
  2. a little girl shopping for a new toy

Retrieved September 13, 2016