Run Straight Out of the Toy Store

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By: northgate

You decide to get the hell out of there before some kid spots you and decides you'd be a cool toy. You see a small display rack in the far left right in the entrance of the store and you start running straight for it figuring you can rest under it out of sight to figure out your next move. The distance is a bit more than a football field length to the display and you are moving as fast as your little legs can carry you.

A pair of sneakers crosses your path about ten feet in front of you as someone is walking out of the store and you begin to regret your decision but there is no going back. Just then a shadow falls over you and before you can react a shiny black pump comes crashing down. It almost misses you but you are knocked down and your foot gets caught and crushes under the weigh.

You lie on the ground in agony knowing that you have to move even if you have to crawl. You roll onto your back and try to sit up but just then you see a car sided pink flip flop headed directly for you and you cringe as it come down squarely on top of you with the full weigh of some totally unaware girl crushing you to a pulp. You are dead with nothing left of you but a smear on the floor.

The End.

Retrieved September 13, 2016