Shrunk in an Aeropostale store

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By: northgate

You are hitching a ride on a random girls backpack hoping to get get to Victoria's Secret's and your ex-girlfriend Debbie. This girl is headed in the right direction when she suddenly detours into an Aeropostale store. This isn't where you want to be and things get orse when you hear a voice say, "Excuse me miss, you need to check that bag. You can't take it into the store."

"I'll just be a minute", backpack girl tells the clerk, "I just need to check if you have something in stock for my friend before I go home for the day".

"I'm sorry but it's store policy", the woman behind the counter answers quite insistent.

"OK", backpack girl answers and she passes her backpack over the counter to the woman who stopped her. Somehow nether of them see you hanging from the clip and the bag is set down on the floor behind the counter. Now you are worried as you just heard this is her last stop and you need to get out before you end up at her house. You jump off the clip and look around. You get a good view of the back of the two women working the counter and talking to customers. One is a tall redhead who you figure was the voice you heard and sounds like she is the store manager or at least in charge right now. She looks to be in her late twenties maybe early thirties. The other girl is much shorter, maybe 5' 2" you estimate and is Latino. She is maybe 20 or 21 years old. Their height different is accentuated by the redhead hearing heels while the younger girl has a pair of flats.

You think you could navigate around the counter and then you'd have to get out of the store. It wouldn't be easy but your not sure what else you can do. There is a chance you could get these woman to help you. The redhead might even know Debbie as a fellow mall employee.
You decide your best course of action is to ....

Your choices:

  1. try to walk out of the store
  2. try to get the clerks attention

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