Practice with the Soccer team

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By: northgate

The next day Finster wakes you up and brings you scraps of food and water for you eat and you think things may be getting better. As you finish eating you realize things will be quite the opposite as she produces a large clear hamster ball with a big grin on her face. She opens the door and drops you in. "The girls on the soccer team are going to go crazy over a guy like you" , she tells you as she drops the ball with you trapped inside into her equipment bag. You are alone in darkness for some time and hope that she was just teasing you but your hopes are some dashed.

Finster opens the bag and takes you out. You can see you are at a soccer field and there are girls nearby practicing. She calls the girls together and hold you up in the ball. "Girls, meet my new little friend. He's going to help us with practice and provide some motivation for you today.", she says as she hands the ball to one of the girls so they can pass you around and get a closer look at you. They all check you out as Finster continues to talk to them. They all look at you closely and a few throw you a kiss and others roll the ball around in their hands sending you spinning.

You eventually get passed back to Finster and you hear her say, "Any first girl to score two goals in today's game can have some one on one time with my little friend tonight". She then drops the ball to the ground which jars you but it is nothing compared to when the first girl kicks the ball and sends you spinning and flying. The girls continue practicing with you as one of their balls and you quickly lose your breakfast and you going spinning around. After a few kicks, the next one is too much and you pass out from the shock.

When you wake up, you're in darkness and have no idea how long you've been out but you figure you must be back in the equipment bag. It seems like an eternity before you see light again and the ball is lifted out by Finster who check if you are conscious. "I'm so glad you survived and are awake. I have great news, the girls won". She opens the ball and her hand grabs you and lifts you out. You look around and see you are not alone. There is a tall blond girl in the room too. Finster continues, "And Heather here scored the winning goal as well as another and I am true to my word." She hands you over to this girl, Heather who grabs you tightly pinning your arms to your side and smiles at you in a way that makes you worry. "Heather, dear, you can use my spare bedroom for as long as you like as long as you have him back to me tomorrow morning."

"Yes, Ma'am", Heather replies as she takes you into a nearby room as closes the door behind her. She casually drops you on the bed and stands over you. You look up and get a better look at her. Heather is a tall thin girl with shoulder length blond with bright blue eyes. She looks down at you and asks, "I think I'm going to have a lot of fun with you tonight", she tells you with a wicked grin. She starts by

Your choices:

  1. dropping you on the floor by her bare feet to start the fun
  2. dangling you upside down and acting like she is going to eat you

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