Meet Finster the Spinster

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By: northgate

The girls decide giving you to Finster would be the best move since they couldn't decide who would get to keep you. You get shoved in a box with some holes punched in it and they gift wrap the box. You can here them all chatting and giggling about what a great idea this is and how Finster will get off their case when she has a boy toy to play with. You are worried that you don't want to be some old ladies pet but there isn't much you can do, Three of the girls sneak over to Finster's house when they see she is out at the school's office and leave you in the box in an obvious spot.

Time passes and you hear someone enter the house and you know it is only a matter of time before you are discovered. You hear a voice say, "What's this?" and suddenly your world starts moving as this person has lifted the box and is tilting it. You yell out "HELP" as loud as you can and you hear paper tearing as the box is opened.

The top of the box is opened and you see a beautiful woman who you guess is in her mid-thirties looking down at you. She has shoulder length hair and big green eyes and a friendly smile as she looks at you. You are relieved that Finster isn't other ugly or that old. She tips the box and you tumbling out on to a dinning room table. She sits down but still towers over you. "Hello, I'm Casey Finster, headmistress for this school and who might you be and how did you end up in a box in my foyer.

You tell her most of your story leaving out any embarrassing parts and emphasizing on how you were on your way to meet your ex-girlfriend when two of her students kidnapped you and brought you here. You also tell her how the cheerleaders decided that she needed a boy toy and elected me for the job.

"Well, I do spend all my time running this school since my parents passed away a few years ago and I don't have time for much else. Having a little man at my beck and call doesn't sound so bad. I'm sure I can find a job for you at this school. How about my personal assistant? I lie that idea."

"No", you tell her, "You seem very nice and all but I can't stay here and be your assistant...."

She seems annoyed and cuts you off, "Well then perhaps you'd be better at cleaning the school's girls bathrooms. There aren't too many but at your size, it would be a full time job."

"NOOO !!!", you yell, "that's worse. You need to take me back to my girlfriends. I can give you the address right now."

She is totally annoyed at this point and grabs you up in her fist. "You aren't getting this through your tiny brain so listen carefully. Those girls gave you to me to be my little boy-toy and that's what you are." She gave you an extra squeeze to prove her point. "If you won't be with me then maybe, I'll discipline those girls for kidnapping you and then leave you with them to fix the situation. Then what do you think will happen to you? I guarantee they won't take you back to the mall or to your girlfriend's house." She released you and you fall back to the table top. "So what will it be", she asks, "Would you rather serve me, a beautiful and mature woman or be lorded over by I bunch of teenage cheerleaders?"

"I'll stay with you", you tell her with your head hung low feeling dejected.

"Oh it doesn't have to be bad", she tells you, "Just listen and do what I want and you'll do just fine" She picks you up and drops you onto the carpeted floor below by her feet. You watch as she removes her high heels and presents her foot in nylons in front of you. "Let's start with a foot massage, boy toy", she laughs. You hesitate and her toe knocks you over and she says, "Don't keep the headmistress waiting" and you take the hint and start massaging her toes one at a time. "I could get used to this", she sighs enjoying your treatment.,

When you are done she snatches you up and smiles at you. "I'll have to think of a reward for those cheerleaders. In the meantime, I think it's time for part two of the evening. I need you to rub lotion all over my poor tired feet. But first...", she says and then proceeds to rip the toga from your body leaving you naked. "I think I like you au natural and your less likely to wander off without clothes."

She then proceeds to carry you to her bedroom which is tastefully decorated in an old Victorian decor. She removes her stocking and her business suit leaving her only in a bra and panties. She sets you on the floor next to a small saucer where she places some moisturizer.She sits on the floor and turns on the TV. You are positions between her two feet and she says, "Now get to work and I want that rubbed in all over including between my toes". She turns her attention to a TV movie and ignores you as you get to work. It takes you a long time to rub it all in but when you are done and the movie to over she takes you in the bathroom and washes you off. "See, I'm not so bad.", she tells you as she finishes drying you. She gets a large show box you and puts you inside replacing the lid. "I'll find a better place for you soon.", she tells you as she closes the lid giving you some time to rest.

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  1. The Next Day with Finster

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