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By: superfan

The next time you see daylight, it takes a full minute for your eyes to adjust. When they do, you see a whole bunch of beautiful giant faces looking down at you.

"Hello, there, sleepyhead!" says the smiling blonde who brought you here (wherever that is): "Welcome to Finster's School for Girls. Headed by Finster the Spinster, herself."

"Finster the Spinster?" you echo.

The blonde giggles and nods: "She never married for some reason. And, we--the cheerleaders for this school--are trying to decide whether or not to give you to her. So she lightens up on the 'no male visitors-who-aren't-relatives' rule!"

You listen with stunned shock as these girls debate your near-future without asking for your input. But, finally, the cheerleaders decide...

Your choices:

  1. keep you for themselves.
  2. sneak you into Ms. Finster's house in a gift-wrapped box.

Retrieved September 13, 2016