Drunk Val

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By: northgate

Val comes back stinking drunk and after peeling off her clothes until she has nothing but a t-shirt on, she comes over and retrieves you from your cage. "I guess it isn't going to be a night off for you", she says slurring her words, "My stupid boyfriend was an ass tonight but you're going to make up for it, my little toy" She lies down on her bed with you in her palm and with out another word, she lowers you down and slams you directly into her pussy rubbing you up and down.

"Kiss it", she orders you but she is so rough handling you that you can't do much. She keeps for up for a while until she is getting pretty wet and then thrusts you inside herself headfirst up to your waist stroking you in and out so fast that you are sure she is going to break you and this is the end of your life. Somehow you survive as she cums and stops pumping you leaving you hanging half inside her.

You lay still for a minute and hear her heavy breathing and realize she is asleep and this may be your chance to get away. You slowly back out of Val's wet pussy and find yourself on her bed naked and covered in her juices but you have no choice. You head for the foot of the bed and use the comforter which is hanging over the side to lower yourself down to the floor. You are able to navigate in the dim light to the door and squeeze under the door to the hallway.

You realize that Val will be looking for you when she recovers so you need a plan. You go to the front door but there is no gap that you can get under so you have to opt for plan B which is to go to Ashley and hope she helps you. Ashley is already asleep in her room but you figure this is a good place to hide till morning when you can get her attention. You are able to get in the room but everything is too high to climb so you settle for a fuzzy pink bedroom slipper that you find that you can sleep on until morning.
You are still a mess but there isn't much you can do as you try to get comfortable in the giant slipper.

You are awaken by Ashley getting up and going to take a shower before she goes to work. You get up and position yourself to get her attention but no get stepped on and wait for her return. A few minutes later she comes back to the bedroom dressed in a bathrobe and you jump up and down and yell at her waving your arms.

"What the...", she starts seeing you on the floor and kneels down and picks you up in her hand carrying you over to her bed where she sits down. "I thought you went back to your girlfriend. How did you get back here?", she asks you noting your condition at the same time. "What happened to you?", she continued without a pause from her first question.

"Val lied to you", you tell her, "She never gave me back to Debbie and she has been keeping me in a cage in her room and using me as a sex toy."

"Yuck", she responds realizing now why you look the way you do. She loosens her grip to minimize contact with you so only her index finger and thumb encircle you around the chest and under the arms leaving the rest of you dangling down. "Looks like I need to clean you up", she says as she carries you back to the bathroom for a quick bath in the sink.

When you get back to her room she shows you that she did finally wash you clothes and you put them back on. "Look", she tells you, "I need to go to work today but I can take you to the mall myself on my lunch hour. Meanwhile, you're going to need to hide in my purse an d I'll get you something to eat when I get to work" She picks you up and lowers you down in to a side pocket on her purse and snapped it shut. There wasn't much room but at least you were going to get out of there and away from Val.

Once and work she took you out onto her desk and put you next to a muffin that was bigger than you. You look around and see you are in a cubicle with her with what looks like 6 foot walls so no one can easily see you. She breaks off a piece of the muffin and gives you a capful from her water bottle. You hadn't eaten in a while and you actually eat more of that muffin than you thought possible.

You finish and are about to ask her something when you see a girl come into the cubicle and you dive behind a picture frame. "What was that", the girl says confused. "What was what?", Ashley replied acting dumb. "Never mind, I thought I saw a mouse on your desk. I must be losing it. So what are you up to this weekend?", the girl replied back and they just went on and on with mind numbing chatter.

Once she left you peek out, "Is the coast clear?", you ask. "Yes", she replies picking you back up and depositing you back in her purse. "You need to get back in here. If you think Val was bad that girl would really do a job on you. It's only a few hours till lunch so sit tight", she tells you as she returns to her work.

Once lunch time came, Ashley grabbed her purse and headed out. "I don't have a lot of time so we have to make this quick", she tells you as you leave to walk over to the mall which is nearby. Ashley takes you straight into Victoria's Secrets and right up to the counter. "Hi",she says to the sales clerk, "Is Debbie here?"

The clerk looks back at here and says.....

Your choices:

  1. I'm Debbie, can I help you?
  2. Sorry, Debbie doesn't come in till 3. Can I help you?

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