Val the Next Morning

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By: northgate

It late in the morning when Val finally come for you. She is dressed in shorts and a t-shirt and she brought you some juice and a little of her breakfast that she drops into your cage for you to eat. She watches you intently which you wolf down the meal hungry for real food. When you are done she tells you that she wants the two of you to be closer and spend more time together but at the same time she doesn't want anyone to know about her little secret. "Would you like to spend more time with me?", she asks you.

You don't want to anger her and if she spends more time with you maybe she'll come around and treat you better or take you back to Debbie. "Yes, that would be nice you answer. "good", she replies and reaches into your enclosure lifting you out and over to her bed. She sits next to you causing you to tumble over from the shifting weight and picks up a pair of white cotton panties and shows them to you. "This is how we are going to spend more time together."

Val stands up and you watch as she pulls her shorts off revealing her cleanly shaven pussy underneath. She then takes you in her one hand and the panties in the other and shows you a small elastic pocket sewn inside the front of her panties. She slips you inside. The pocket has two holes in the bottom that your legs slip through and the top comes across your chest leaving your arms free. "Nice and tight like a bug in a rug", she says gleefully as she lays the panties on the floor with you facing up looking up at her towering over you. She carefully slips a barefoot in each leg hole of the panties. Then smiling down at you she squats and slowly raises them up along her legs as you watch her pussy getting closer and closer.

Just as she reaches the top she tells you, "Now I expect lots of hugs and kisses. Nothing too crazy, just keep me feeling good. I have a lot of errands and lunch with my sister and I need my little man to keep me happy." She pulls the panties up tight slamming you into the lips of her awaiting womanhood. Next she puts on some jeans that tightly wedge you in place right where she wants you.

You are stuck in this girls panties helpless to escape. She gives you a poke through the material and says "What are you waiting for? Get busy or might wedge you up my butt for the day instead.," You respond by rubbing away at her and reaching between her folds of skin to go deeper. "That's better",m she tells you, "keep it up" as she finishes dressing and leaves for the day.

Your choices:

  1. Adventures with Val while you are out
  2. Fast forward to returning home

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