Tricked By Val

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By: northgate

You tell these two girls that you want to go back to the mall and see if you can find Debbie.

Valerie looks up from her cereal and responds first, "I'm going to the mall today. I can give you a lift back there." She looks down at you and smiles and you worry a little but only say, "Thanks." Ashley says, "That great cause I have to go to work today."

After breakfast and Ashley has left for work, Val gets her pocketbook and you watch as she takes a pair of sunglasses out and places them on the counter. She grabs you up and lays you in the sunglasses case instead. "Wait I need my clothes", you tell her but she only smiles an evil grin and says I'm sure your ex won't mind get you back naked. Maybe it's get her all excited." She snaps the case shut leaving you in darkness and you here her say, The mall's a big place who know if we'll find her". She drops the case back in her pocketbook and she is off for the mall.

Once you are at the mall, you can hear a little bit as Val goes to a few stores but not enough to figure where she is or what she is buying. You still are holding out hope when finally you hear a voice say, "Welcome to Victoria's Secret. Can I help you find something special?" It's Debbie voice and you are sudden feeling a lot better as you hear Val ask, "Hi. Are you the only Debbie that works here?"

"Yes", Debbie replies a bit puzzled by the question, "Why do you ask?"

"Well a friend of mine was in here a while back and she said you really helped her out", Val tells her and you wonder what she is up to as she asks, "I am looking for a special sexy something to wear for my special guy. Maybe something crotch-less would be nice."

Debbie tell her, "Let's go back here. I think I have what you are looking for." As they continue talking you try yelling Debbie's name but she doesn't hear you over the talking and other store noise. You feel defeated as Val picks out some lingerie and pays. She goes home and you continue screaming to no avail.

When she gets home she drops the pocketbook on the bed and goes about other things ignoring you. After a while you feel her lift the eyeglass case out of her bag and she opens it and you tumble onto her bad. You look up at her and she is standing towering over you wearing a sheer chiffon cami without the matching panties and her hands on her hips. "Welcome home my little sex toy", she tells you with a smile, "Do you like the outfit? Your ex picked it out for me.".

"No No", you yell at her angrily, "You were suppose to give me to her. What are you doing?"

"Well maybe I though about giving you to her for about a second but she's too short for you, remember?", she tells you, "and I'm ten times hotter than she is and you know it."

"What about Ashley?", you ask her, "I'm going to tell her what you did."

"That's the best part", she replies, "As far as Ashley is concerned you are back with you shorty ex-girlfriend and out of our lives except you'll be living here in my bedroom. My little sex toy taking care of all my needs. Speaking of needs..." and she hesitates and scoops you up in her hand and rubs you seductively against her pussy.

She lies down in her bed and continues rubbing you against herself, spreading her moist lips and pushing your head against her clit. "Feel that tiny?", she asks, "I want you to cover that with kisses and lick it like your life depends on it because from now in it does" She laughs as she presses you in place. "NOW!", she orders and you get to work afraid of the repercussions. There is no one who can protect you or save you from this girl.

When you are done working to her satisfaction, you collapse on the bed as she soaks in the feeling of her last orgasm. She sits up and looks down at you lying between her muscular tan thighs. "I like you all covered in my love juices", she tells you, "They'll remind you that you belong to me and no one else. Hmmm, I wonder if you can live off my cum. We'll have to try that." and she giggles.

"You can' t keep me a secret forever", you tell her. Sooner or later Ashley or someone will see me."

"Yes, I can.", she replies as she leans over the side of the bed and lifts up another bag and takes out a small plastic critter cage like you might keep a mouse in. "i got this at the mall too. I'll always know where you are so you can be ready to serve me.". She opens the top and drops your tired naked body onto the hard plastic floor.

"Ouch" you yell, "What will I sleep on?", you ask her and she lifts her panties that she wore from the trip to the mall and stuffs them in the top so they land on top of you and you spell that all too familiar odor again.

"There you go", she tells you, "You can make a bed out of them or you can sleep inside them and the scent will remind you of me." She gets out of bed and carried the cage with you init over to her closet and she places you on a high shelf. "You'll be safe in here and no one will find you. Meanwhile, I have a date later tonight so you get a night off, tiny.", she tells you as she closes the closet door and the only light you get is through the slats in the closet door.

You try yelling at her but she ignores you or doesn't hear you as she gets ready to go out.

Your choices:

  1. Sober Val the next morning
  2. Drunk Val late at night

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