The next morning with Val

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By: northgate

You pass out exhausted from your day capped of by Val's demands. You are coating in her juice and totally disgusting but you are so tired it doesn't matter. You are awakened by the lid of the box being lifted off and Val peering in at you. She looks like she just woke up as she reaches in a grabs you between her fingers. "I woke up thinking about how good you made me feel last night and I want more", she tells you as she dumps you onto the bed between her muscular thighs.

You look up at her sit up on the bed wearing nothing but a white t-shirt from the night before with her breasts poking out above you and she looks down at you. "Can I have some water first", you ask, ""I am completely dry from last night". Without an answer, she brings her legs together and squeezes the breath out of you.

A moment later she releases you and says, "First you take care of me and then you can have all the water you want." Her hand come down and pushes you up to her awaiting pussy and spreads her outer lips exposing her clitoris as she pushes you face first into the already moist pleasure button. She lies back while continuing to hold you in place cutting off any retreat by you. You massage her clit with her fingers while you kiss it sloppily. If you slow down or try and take a break she just pushes you harder into herself cutting off what little air you have.

When she is satisfied, she releases you and you fall to the sheets between her thighs and lie there exhausted but your rest is short lived as she sits up and grabs you between her fingers bringing you up to her face. "Now I did promise you some water as a reward so lets get to it.", she tells you as she stands up and carries you across the room and out into the hall and into a bathroom. She sets you down on the counter as she pulls off her shirt and you see her completely nude for the first time and you are fixated on her tanned body and perfect breasts. She adjusts the water in the shower and she turns around and sees you staring. "Enjoying the view", she laughs as she picks you up again, "This body is a lot of work but that's what it takes if you want to be an NFL cheerleader. I'll be going into my third year and I plan to keep at it. It good extra money"

She steps in the shower with you in her hand. The hot water hits you with a force that you think you are going to be shot right out of her hands but she keeps a good hold on you as she takes some liquid body soap and cover you head to toe rubbing you clean with her hands. She rinses you off and sets you down on the floor of the shower near her bare feet. "Now you stay out of trouble while I take my shower and you can drink all the water you want while you're waiting. You quickly back away from her feet not wanting to get crushed and you think about the best way to get a drink of the hot water. There is plenty of water at your feet swirling around but it is all soapy. If you want to get the water from the spray above you'll have t get a lot closer to Val. She keeps moving around but you realize you can get in front of her and closer to the wall the faucet is on.

You maneuver around and trying opening your mouth to catch the water drops from far above but each one that hits you is like getting a bucket of hot water thrown in your face. Val sees you below her and scoops you up in her hand. "You look so silly down there. Let me help you.", she says as she emerges your body in a torrent of water from the faucet that pounds you relentlessly. She then shuts the water off and carries you back out of the shower depositing you into the sink while she dries herself off and dons a big fluffy robe while you shiver in the cold air in the sink. She then takes out an old washcloth and uses scissors to cut out a towel that is oversized but closer to your size and hands it to you. You dry off and wrap yourself in it

She picks you up and carries you back in the bedroom where she gets dressed and then carries you minus the towel into the kitchen where Ashley is already having breakfast. Val sets you at her place setting while she gets breakfast and you see Ashley eyeing you up from across the table. "So what have you two been up to since last night?" she asks. "No much", Val replies while continuing to make breakfast, "Talked a little and when to sleep. I gave him a shower this morning too." Ashley turns to you and asks, "You liking it here, little Joey or do you want me to take you back to the mall so you can find your girlfriend?"

You're not sure how to answer that question. You think it is some kind of trick or some kind of game Ashley is playing. Before you can answer, Val sits down right next to you with a bowl of cereal and hands you a single corn flake that was soaking in milk for you to eat. You look between these two girls and answer Ashley's question by saying ....

Your choices:

  1. "Yes, I'd like to get back to the mall"
  2. "I actually like it here"

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