Bedtime with Val

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By: northgate

You pick Val who has been pretty laid back and relaxed all night and you figure she'll let you rest. Val gets up and says she's ready for bed and picks you up in her fist without a word and carries you to her bedroom. She drops you into the center of her bed and you watch as she undresses in front of you until she has nothing up but panties, t-shirt and white socks. She turns her attention and looks down at you on the bed. "I'm glad you picked me", she tells you, "because I have a special favor to ask you. You know this is my apartment so think of it as repayment for me letting you stay here. OK?"

You aren't sure where she is going with this but you just answer "OK, I guess."

She smiles and lies down on the bed next to you so you are facing her t-shirt just below her breasts. Her hand encircles you and pulls you up closer to her She lowers her voice to a whisper, "My boyfriend treats me so good but there is one thing he will never do and that's what I want you to do for me."

"Wait, you have a boyfriend. I shouldn't be here. What if he finds out?", you say interrupting her.

"Don't worry", she coos at you, "He doesn't have to know about us. He doesn't come over that often and if he does, I have Ashley hide you in her room. After all it's not like we're married. I can get a little action on the side." She ran her finger down your body focusing for a moment on your privates. "And you are little so you fit the bill."

She pulls at her panties and removes them throwing them to the floor before picking you up in her hand and up to her face. "Now back to what I need. It's been forever since I had a guy go down on me and go to town and I really miss that. So tonight and for that matter any other night I want will be my lucky night.", she says as she rolls on her back and moves you down to her pussy. She rubs your body back and forth over herself and you can feel the warmth radiating from her. Her fingers spread her lips and she continues to rub you against her moistness. "Lots and lots of hot little kisses", she tells you as she pulls her fingers back out of the way and behind you. Her index finger shoves your head deep inside her. She flicks her finger into your ass and you yell out in pain as she says, "I don't feel those kisses. Lets have some tongue action".

You know she means business and start to kiss and lick at her swallowing her cum with each lick. Her fingers are relentless both pushing you from behind and fingering herself. She shoves you up and you come in contact with her clitoris and cover it with kisses. This has a reaction as she starts bucking up and down and saying "oh yeah" over and over. You would have gone flying across the bed from the motion if her fingers didn't hold you in place. This goes on for what seems like and eternity and you are covered in her wetness as she orgasms multiple times.

Finally she lets you go and you fall exhausted to the bed between her thighs. You crawl backwards between her legs to try and get away from her hungry pussy as fast as possible. You don't get too far when she brings her legs together and you are pinned between her muscular thighs. "Ohhh, you felt so good down there.", she tells you as she sits up and spreads her legs and you fell back to the bed trying to catch your breath. She picks you up between two fingers and looks at you. "Ewww, you are a messy boy. Now where can I put you for the night?", she asks herself. She reaches under the bed and pulls out an empty shoe box and she lowers you down into it. "Here you can cuddle with these", she tells you as drops her panties that she was wearing earlier in on top of you. "Sweet dreams", she says as she put the lid back on the box plunging you into darkness and she slides the box back under the bed. "Now you better stay in there or I'llpunish you", she says as she rolls back over in the bed and shuts off her light to go to sleep.

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