Val Gets Frisky

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By: northgate

Val return after about 30 minutes and you are shocked to see she is wearing a tiny piece of lingerie which you see barely covers her front. She stops just short of you and strikes a pose. "Like what you see?", she asks you. You don't get a chance to answer and she swoops in and grabs you up in her fist and brings you up to her face. "I was taking a shower and I realized you still haven't had the tour of my bedroom". She carries you off in with you in her hand swinging by her side.

You reach her bedroom and she drops you on the bed. "This is my room. Now do you like my outfit". You nod yes not sure how to respond. "It's my boyfriend;s favorite. I figured you'd like it.". she tells you.

"Your boyfriend?", you ask, "Isn't he going to pissed that I'm in here with you like this?"

"Don't worry silly", she tells you as she climbs in the bed on her knees so her crotch is right in front of you, "He doesn't ever need to know about you." She scoops you up and rolls over onto her back holding you up to her face. "I love him but there is something he'll never do for me and that's where I figure you can come in. Let's consider it your rent payment."

"What are you talking about?", you ask unsure that you want to know.

"You're going to go down on me", she giggles as she lowers you down to her panties and slips you inside. She uses her fingers to spreads her lips and push you against her warm pussy. "I expect lots of kissing and licking down there, if you know what is good for you. She holds you in place pushing you and you know you have no choice in the matter.

You go to work licking and kissing and getting her wetness in your mouth over and over as she orgasms all over you making you and her lingerie a sticky mess. You can't stop until she is satisfied and when she finally release you, you fall out onto the bed and she says, "Aren't you a discussing mess", she giggles as she carries you into the kitchen and runs hot water over you to clean you up and leaving you on the counter with a piece of paper towel to dry off.

Meanwhile she leaves to get cleaned up and dressed. You think she is going to leave on the counter but she eventually comes back and tells you, "You better get used to that little guy because it's going to be a regular thing and you better not tell anyone else about it or I'll introduce you to my boyfriend and tell him about it too. Understand?"

"Yes", you tell her as she carries you over to living room and deposits you on the sofa and leaves for the day. You realize the remote is still on the coffee table and you can do anything but sit there and wait for one of the girls to return.

Your choices:

  1. Ashley comes back from work

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