Morning with Ashley

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By: northgate

Ashley wakes up in the morning and feels you between her breasts and remembers the night before. She gives you a squeeze between her breasts and you wake up disoriented at first but you quickly remember where and who you are with. Ashley lets you slide out from the bottom of her shirt and hold you up in the air as she is now standing next to her bed. She looks you over and asks, "Did you have a good nights sleep?"

Actually sleeping against her breasts was probably the best sleep you had in a while and you say, "Yes, it was nice."

"Ohhh, you're such a cutie", she responds giving you a big wet kiss across your face and laying you back down on her bed. "Now you be a good boy and stay right there. I have to get ready for work today but as soon as I'm done I'll get us some breakfast.", she tells you as she grabs some clothes. She passes you again on her way to the bathroom and smiles down and giggles, "You are so cute all naked in my bed. It might be a long time before I get around to washing your clothes.".

You prop yourself up against her pillow and think this might not be such a a bad deal. She comes back in after a while dress like she works in an office and after taking care of a few more things, picks you up and carries you to the kitchen table where she makes you both eggs, coffee and juice. You eat you fill which isn't even a mouthful to her. When you are done she carries you into the living room and sets you on the coffee table in front of the couch. She turns on the TV and puts the remote in front of you so you can change the channels yourself. "I won't be back till about 5:30 but Val should be up soon so just hang out and relax."

You start watching a movie that just came on and about half way through Val works through on her way to get breakfast. "Hi squirt", she says as she passes by and you respond with "Good morning." but she keeps walking. You do admire her outfit which she must have slept in, a pair of very short sweat shorts and a 3/4 t-short that shows off her taut belly.

After a little while, Val comes back into the living room with a mug of coffee that is as big as me and deposits on the table not far from me and sits down on the couch directly behind me. She leans over a takes the remote without a word and changes it to some talk show. I turn around and say, "I was watching that".

She lifts up the mug and takes a sip. "My condo, my TV, my rules and rule number one is that I get to watch whatever I want", she tells you. She sits back and looks down at you. "And while we are on the subject of rules", she continues, "Ashley pays me rent to stay here but I don't suppose you have any rent money. Well shit, we don't even have any pockets or clothes for that matter. Tell you what, squirt. You don't have to pay rent. You can just do me a favor when I need it and we can call it even. OK?"

You think about it for a minute. Rent free room and board and you just need to do her an occasional favor. That doesn't sound too bad. "OK, deal", you reply, Whatever you need".

"Good", she replies, "and now is as good a time as ever for that first favor." She lifts her bare feet onto the table on each side of you resting up in her heels. "Let's start with a nice foot massage", she says with a sly smile, "Now chop chop, get to work. It's impolite to make a girl wait."

You hesitate and she swivels her foot knocking you over. You get the message and get to work on her right foot. You immediate notice it is dirty from her walking in flip flops and barefoot but you start by pushing the palms of your hands into the center of her foot.

"That tickles", she squeals and her foot shakes and comes down and nearly crushes you against the table. She angles her foot up again so you can climb out from under it and regain your composure. "Looks you are too little for my foot. How about you massage my toes instead?", she tells you wriggling her toes in your face.

You immediately go to work and this job is more suited for this job and you do and adequate or at least that's what Val tells you when she leaves for a shower and change into her clothes for the day. As she leaves she leaves the remote on the table for you and says, "I have another chore for you later so don't wander off"

You look around and realize you could go anywhere if you wanted unless you jump off the table and you might break a bone with that fall.

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