Bedtime with Ashley

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By: northgate

You decide to go with Ashley and she squeals with delight as she grabs you up and takes you into her bedroom. She drops you on her pillow and says, "Don't go anywhere. I'll be right back as she goes into the bathroom to get ready for bed. You are already worried that you made the wrong choice just like every other choice you made since you get the lamp.

She comes back to your surprise in cotton pajamas and jumps into the bed sending you flying in the air but you come back down on the pillow and look up to see her on all fours hovering over you like a giant cat. "How about a big good night kiss for me?", she asks as she seductively licks her upper lip and move closer to you. The sight of her giant mouth so close causes you to cringe. She backs off for a moment but her warm breath washes over you as she says, "Is my little man too scared to kiss me?" She brings her hand up and rolls you on your back follow by pinning you spread eagle against the pillow with her thumb and index finger from both hands. She swoops in and kisses you across the face.

"See, not so bad.", she says as she moves in again but this time you endure a swipe from her wet tongue. "Yummm, yummy", she purrs as she proceeds to lick your whole body. She picks you up off the pillow and rolls on her back as she continue to suck on you, licking you were a piece of candy. "Next time I'm going to have to roll you in sugar and lick you clean", she giggles as she takes your whole head between her lips and sucks on it playing with it with her tongue.

She releases you and you see she has unbuttons her top exposing her bare breast. "Now you kiss me", she says as she lowers you on top of her nipple. You are so overwhelmed by her treatment of you that you just comply kissing her nipple as it swells from your stimulation. She switches you to the other side and you continue doing anything to stay out of her mouth again. She rolls you between her breasts and you watch as she buttons up her top with you between her breasts.

She rolls on her side and the weight of her one breast holds you in place against the other. You are barely able to breath as she says, "Good night, little Joey. Maybe tomorrow we can take a bath together and have more fun.

You lie there trapped between her breasts and just hope you servive through the night.

Your choices:

  1. The next morning (you survived)

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