They Live in Your Old Apartment Building

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By: northgate

The blond extracts you from her purse and you are dropped on a glass coffee table in front of a couch that the girls are sitting on. "I guess we should have some introductions. I'm Ashley and this is my roommate and best friend, Val".

Val smiles at you and asks, "So what's your name tiny and what are you wearing?" while leveling a manicured finger at your outfit.

"My name is Joe", you respond while looking around the room. "This is an outfit my girlfriend Debbie made me because I didn't have anything to wear." You continue to look around and say, "This place looks so much like my old apartment". You glance down and see an envelope with a bill on the table see the address. "Hey this is the same apartment building, I lived in before I shrank. That is a crazy coincidence".

Ashley replies, "I guess we can check your place out later but for now I think we need a toast to our new roommate, Little Joey. What do we have for a toast, Val?"

Val gets up to look for a drink and you look up at Ashley. "Wait a minute. I came over to party with you girls. What do you mean roommate?", you ask her.

"Well it sounds like you were tired of the old girlfriend and she was tired of you if she lost you in the mall. What are you going to do, live in a mall food court off of trash that falls on the floor. Do you really think you can survive at that size. You'll stay with us for a whole and then we can see where we want to go from there. Think of it as a trial period."

Just then Val comes back with a bottle and three shot glasses. "We've got chocolate vodka!", she says beaming and pours three shots. The girls pick up their glasses but you aren't ever close to being able to lift a full shot glass. They giggle at your predicament and Val takes a water bottle that is sitting nearby and unscrews the cap. She takes some of the vodka from the shot glass partially fills the cap and hands it to you. It is like drinking out of a bowl but it is manageable. "At least he won't drink too much", Val says as they resume the toast.

Ashley hold up her glass and says, "To our new roommate and boy toy, Little Joey". They drink the shots and you try to struggling with the amount on alcohol she poured which is probably like 8 ounces at your size. "Come on, it's bad form not to finish your shot", Ashley encourages you and you power through it dropping the empty cap on the table.

"OK, Let's have some dinner and we can have some fun later", Ashley tells you as they both get up to make a meal. You are left on the table and there is no way down so you sit there a little woozy from the drink. They girls are in the kitchen cooking and you keep hearing whispers and giggling and you continue to worry about your choice to come here with there girls.

Ashley eventually retrieves you and takes you into the kitchen where there is a small table and you see they made a salad and pasta for dinner. To the side is a plate with a small portion of pasta with a meat sauce and couple pieces of salad as well as the water bottle cap filled with water. you look back up at them and see them watching you, "Thank you for dinner girls", you say.

"You're welcome", Val responds, "Sorry but we don't have any forks or knives your size. I guess you'll have to make due." They start eating and you realize this is going to be difficult eating giant food with your hands but you are starving and dig in.

When you finish you see that your both you and your toga is a mess from the sauce and the girls look at you disapprovingly. "Hey Val how about you get the dishes and I'll clean up little Joey", Ashley tells her roommate who agrees and starts clearing dishes. Ashley plucks you between her fingertips and says, "We can't have you messing up the apartment with that sauce. It to the bathroom with you."

She takes you in their bathroom and drops you alongside the sink while she adjusts the temperature. Once it is set she drops you in and warm water streams all over you. Off with these messy clothes" she orders and you comply knowing she would probably do it herself if you hesitate. She puts your outfit on the side of the sink and takes some soap in her hand and rubs it all over your naked body. Her handling of you in arousing and you go to full attention. She notices and gently flicks it with her fingernail and says, "Good to see all your parts are working. Come with me later and we can make good use of that." She licks her lips seductively as she rinses the soap off you. She dries you off with a hand towel and carries you back in the living room where she deposits you back on the coffee table still naked. Val is already there with her bare feet on the far end of coffee table watching TV. It's one of those gossip cable TV 'news' shows that you hate.

"What about my clothes?", you ask Ashley who sits down joining her roommate watching the TV.

"I'll wash them when I get around to it", she tells you, "Anyway it's not like haven't seen a naked guy before, right Val"

Val laughs, "Yeah, by the way I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for hr to do laundry either. She does it once a month at best."

After the show Val pours another set of shots and you tell her, "Not so much for me. That was like eight shots you gave me last time."

"Oh don't be a pussy", she tells you although she only pours about half this time and they girls discuss what movie to watch.

You end up watching the movie and doing shots with these girls and you think their idea of a party is a bust and although they seem nice and fed you this all seems a bit boring compared to what you've faced up till now.

You are pretty drunk by the end of the night and the subject of sleeping arrangements come up. "We only have two bedrooms so you'll have to stay with one of us. We'll let you chose tonight.", Ashley tells you.

You know that Ashley was coming on to you in the bathroom and you are a bit tipsy and are frankly a little afraid of what she may have in mind. Val seems a bit more laid back and would probably let you rest for the night.

You decide to go with ....

Your choices:

  1. Ashley
  2. Val

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