Almost Squashed By A Giant Sneaker

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By: northgate

You look up and see the giant sneaker that almost squashed you belongs to an employee of the food court who cleans tables. You know you need to move or her next step may flatten you. To one side is the counter where the girl with the backpack along with several other customers are ordering. There are too many people there and it looks more dangerous than your current situation.

Across the way is an empty table for two and it should provide you some shelter. You sprint for it and make it without a problem. You are glad something worked out for once. You look around and try to get your bearings but you aren't sure where you are and being tiny and under a table doesn't help you. You've been to this mall plenty of times and you know that it exits on one side to a multi-level parking lot and on the other side out to the mall. You try to picture where Victoria's Secret is in relation to the front of the food court. You think it is on the opposite side and four or five stores down to the right but you're not sure. Maybe it is to the left and you still aren't sure which way is to the mall exit. You think maybe you just need to trust your instincts.

Just as you are feeling a little more confident in your plan, two girls come up and sit down at your table and you are suddenly aware that you might get stepped on again. You hear them talking about some movie that is coming out and you think you are safe for the moment. You can only see them below the table and you see that the girl across from you is wearing a pair of straight jeans with a moccasin slipper. The girl closer to you is wearing faded jeans with acid stains and holes in them with a pair of cheap flip flops.

You take a few steps closer to this girl but you fall backwards when she shifts positions and crosses her legs. You watch as the one foot rises to just over you and she hangs the flip flop off of her foot dangling by a couple toes. She flips it back and forth totally unaware of the show she is giving a little man under the table.

You think about your current situation and how unsure of yourself you are. Maybe these girls would help me. You continue to listen to them from under the table and they sound perfectly normal. You hear one mention something about picking up stuff for the apartment and you figure they must be in their late teens at the youngest but probably in their twenties. It isn't like these are the harem girls or Lindsey who hated you or Debbie who you broke up with. These are normal girls who don't know you and would probably help you out.

You decide to make contact and although it is risky you decide to bang on the flip flop girls foot that is still on the ground. You approach her carefully in case she decides to move suddenly and you go alongside a foot that is substantially bigger than you. You hesitate knowing you may have to run backwards depending on her reaction.

You go up to her foot and with a fist bang down on it. It only takes a moment and she drop her other foot and pushes her chair back and looks under the table. You see a pretty tan face with blond hair pulled back in a pony tail and big blue eyes. "What the.....", she says looking right at you.

"What is it?", you hear her friend say and she reaches down encircling you with her index finger and thumb around the torso and lifting you o the top of the table.

She drops you in the middle of the table between two giant plates of salad and says, "Check this out. A little guy was under the table playing with my foot"

You look at her friend who is also very nice with dark shoulder length hair in big loose curls and a dark Mediterranean skin tone. "I wasn't playing with your foot. I was trying to get your attention. I need your help.", you tell them.

They both giggle at you. "You have a funny squeaky voice", the blond tells you, "and you are so little and that outfit... were you at a toga party? And why are you so small? Are you some kind of midget" Her friend chimes in, "I'll seen little people on TV. They're on that reality show but I've never seen one this small."

"Girls", you say looking back and forth between them, "Let me explain. I used to be normal size but I was shrunk by an evil genie and I found my way to my ex-girlfriends and she is helping me out. She works at Victoria's Secret but we got separated and I need to get back to her before the store closes."

"Well we could help you", the blond begins, "and get you back to your ex but I have a better idea. You could come back to our apartment and party with us tonight. I'm sure we are way more fun than hanging out with your ex. She 's probably still giving you grief from when you were together." Her friend chimes in again, "Your ex? Did you break up with her or did she break up with you?"

"I broke it off.", you tell them in a moment of confession, "She was too clingy and jealous. She always suspected I was up to something when I wasn't. Do you believe I told her I liked tall girls and she was too short for me?"

They both laughed at that comment. "That's karma", the dark haired girl laughed, "That's why you are only five inches tall now. Come to our place and you hang out with us and stay as long as you like. It'll be more fun than hanging out with your ex-girlfriend"

You think about it and they make a good point. Up till now you are a virtual prisoner with Debbie and you are in the house with her mother and sister which just makes matters worse. If her sister, Stacey, gets a hold of you, you might not survive. These girls may be a way of surviving until you figure out what to do. On the other hand, Debbie may be overbearing but she is looking out for your best interests and you know her. You also know she wouldn't hurt you. Meanwhile, these two girls are total strangers and who knows what they could be up to once they get you in private, Your mind spins as you weigh the decision.

The blond looks at you impatiently and says, "So you going to come home with us." You turn back to her and say .....

Your choices:

  1. I want you to take me to Debbie over at Victoria's Secret
  2. Sounds good. Let go party at your place

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